A Spiritual Explanation on the Reckoning, and the Truth of the Matter

I have often been misunderstood when I talk about my spiritual practices, and I want to take a minute to see if I can further explain what I believe in order to try and convince some of you that what I am doing is NOT satanic or Luciferian in nature.  My training as a child consisted of programming, yes, but I am far beyond that in my estimation, and I do not see any reason why I shouldn’t tap into the energy I was taught to read and influence as a child.  I know that it is hard for the common person to believe in all of this- but what “they” did to me worked wonders, and it is because of their favorable results that have kept this secret practice of MKUltra and it’s off shoots continuing for as long as it has.  Making my brain think through different neurons and such by inducing constant and extreme trauma from my conception onward- they effectively opened up a side of my mind that I would not have had had I NOT gone through our governments training.

I have been asked what I mean when I say that the coven “bonded itself to me” and I guess the easiest way to describe it is by flat out saying- they offered their eternal allegiance to me, and through many bloody, violent rituals, offered themselves up to whatever was going to possess me in the future.  Where a person stands around the pentagram is very important- as it denotes their power and stance.  I, as myself, had NO POWER- and in fact always stood in the middle of the pentagram as nothing more than a host.  I was supposed to be honored at the gift I was being given, and it was through my training that they tried to make me a willing sacrifice.  It didn’t work.

I believe my training in that the kingdom of Heaven is within, and it is within that we find God.  I also believe that there is not only a Father but a Mother- which is what the cult my family was involved with was focused on.  Looking back- I realize that the continuous rapes where an attempt to help me hate my feminine side and my vulnerability- or at least that is what I have surmised, and yet it was in the dark feminine and the embracing of my vulnerability that has afforded me such strength.  We often did ceremonies that degraded women and the power of the Goddess- whom we went to great lengths to keep “sleeping in the darkness forever”.  A myriad of young boys were sacrificed to help with this objective-mostly outside at Hummel Park although sometimes ceremonies took place at Forrest Lawn as well.

What my family subjected my older siblings and I too was horrific, and so bizarre that it defies comprehension, but the fact that what they were doing was real and worked has never been something I have ever questioned, as I have had a lifetime of examples as to how effective this coven has worked.  Basically breaking my older siblings, it was through my relationship with God that saved me from becoming psychotic, which is the general result of MKUltra training.  Convinced I was going to be THE antichrist, and having no desire to be such- I have spent years of my life connecting with God- and it was through Heaven’s help that I was able to thwart what others had planned so hard to be my destiny.  The story of Uriel is hard to believe, I know- I went through it and have a hard time with it sometimes, but I have found that believe or no, when God directs us to do something it is always in our best interest to heed the call.  God helped me transform from a mere host, into a doorway of sorts, and it has evolved into so much more throughout the years, as I have aged while investing myself with understanding what happened to me and so many others, that I have now reached a point where I believe I am able to utilize for myself what they taught me to do so many years ago.

As far as helping the “fallen” cross over, which I have been told that I would “burn in hell” more than once, if I didn’t stop what I was doing- well, this is how I see it.  In all of my practice I have never seen any lake of fire- and don’t believe that it exists.  God will wait until the end of eternity for every last member of the flock to return, but that time is not now.  Finding that they were acting out God’s will all along- as no man nor angel is able to thwart the will of Heaven, they have been embraced back and have rejoined the ranks of Heaven- which is rejoicing at the return.  Having tempted every human being- we have now reached a time I call the Reckoning.

There is no eternal fire- but there is a place that is what most would consider Hell, although it is worse than any lake of fire.  It is a place COMPLETELY DEVOID of God.  A prison with impenetrable walls, there is no escaping the dark for those who find themselves within it.  No light, no warmth, no life- those who find themselves in this place will sink into a deep coma where they will be aware of nothing but the nightmares of their own making- as they effectively are taking the “fallen’s” place, where they will torture themselves relentlessly and unending for the 240,000 years that it will take to come back to the place in the Cosmos that we are right now.  Unable to wake from themselves, the evil within their hearts will be contained finally- and will be played out until God’s will is done.

We are not at the last days by any means, but we are within a spiritual evolution, and those who will be able to act within the higher vibrations of being will fare better than those who are stuck in fear and hate.  We all have a choice- to allow ourselves to become vulnerable enough to embrace the Light, or stay stuck and be claimed by the very dark we are promoting within each of our hearts.  Unable to claim that the “devil made us do it” any longer- each of us will have a choice to make, and no one will be able to ride along on the sidelines.  This idea is well known and is no secret to most of the population, but is rarely said with such candor.

God has always spoken to man through dreams and visions, and my spiritual practice of Shamanism is nothing more than having a “waking dream”, and it is more important to me that people understand what I have experienced spiritually more so than any investigation into dark crimes- as I truly believe that “side” has been effectively dealt with.  They will “come clean or be claimed”, as is true for us all.  We must help each other get through the times ahead of us by helping each other reclaim the hope and strength within, for I truly believe that it is only in doing this that we will enable Heaven to help us change this world into a place that we are proud of instead of the terminator mad max scenario that has been fed to us.  It is only through Heaven and each other that we will be able to undo the damage that has been inflicted, and I think that we all owe it to God and to ourselves to let ourselves become vulnerable enough to link up to the faster vibrations that are becoming such an influence in all of our lives.  In fact, I believe that our very souls depend on this.

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