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A Death at the Antiquarium and Still No Discussion of the Fire that Took Place There This is newsworthy- but I still think it is strange that there are NO reports in the media or anywhere else when this place started on fire.  So hot was the fire that it burned the brick outside black- but the fact that there are no reports on this fire at all is, in […]

Living in a Child Killing World- A Personal Perspective

I find myself discombobulated a lot now a days- amazed at how many things have crumbled in our society, and more so, how fast.  Yes, it seems as if we have entered a time where the institutions rule, and whistle blowers are being attacked, jailed or killed rather than hailed as heroes- but I think […]

A Message from a Puke

This is an email I woke to this morning- concerning the person who was secretly taping me in my house.  Saying that her bad behavior is justified and that I am an ass for getting upset at the violation, I want to point out that she is terrified that I am going to let people […]

Nick Bryant, Omaha NE, and the Franklin Spin

Many things have come to light since I was recently duped- most notably with Nick Bryant.  Telling me that “one day I would understand”‘, he never gave me a chance to respond before he blocked my emails- probably because he knew I was going to respond that I didn’t appreciate him sending people to me […]

A Spiritual Explanation on the Reckoning, and the Truth of the Matter

I have often been misunderstood when I talk about my spiritual practices, and I want to take a minute to see if I can further explain what I believe in order to try and convince some of you that what I am doing is NOT satanic or Luciferian in nature.  My training as a child […]

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CNN and Its Attempt to Normalize Satanism For the most part- Satanism, according to the False Memory Foundation- doesn’t really exist. There are no covens, no practices, no real anything that asserts that Satanism is real and being practiced. However- this is not true according to CNN- who is trying it’s best to normalize the belief system by squaring off how […]

A Response to a Critic about Father Flanagan, Boystown and Myself

If speaking the truth is dangerous- so be it. I AGAIN am not going after the man Father Flanagan but rather I am going after the institution- as it was the institution that was behind much of what was going on with Franklin.  It’s connections to Brandies and the CIA could easily be proved if […]

Before Father Flanagan Is Sainted…

The reason that I concluded that Alan Baer’s house is the one that horrible games of hide and seek were performed is because a perspective buyer for the property at 6724 Davenport, who looked at the house, did a Google check on the names that had been dropped- and in doing so- found me on […]

Living in the Retribution- A Word About Our Impending Spiritual Evolution

This morning I was greeted by a pair of wings, clipped from a bird, and placed carefully at the base of my front stairs in an obvious attempt to catch my attention, and I realized that I should probably come clean about everything that I have done and seen in my spiritual practice in order […]