Living in the Retribution- A Word About Our Impending Spiritual Evolution

This morning I was greeted by a pair of wings, clipped from a bird, and placed carefully at the base of my front stairs in an obvious attempt to catch my attention, and I realized that I should probably come clean about everything that I have done and seen in my spiritual practice in order to further explain what is happening.

After the Shamanic extractment with Uriel, I spent the next year and a half in my practice actively seeking out the fallen in order to help them all cross back over to God.  As such- no dead anything is going to invoke anything or any being that might have been coaxed before.  It is my belief that God wanted mankind to be tested- and now that we have, we are being called back in droves- which is why all 20 billion of us are back on Earth.  We have known that a siphoning was going to occur eventually, and now- here we are.

The planet is moving faster- due to the tsunamis we have had, and the days are definitely shorter- as scientist after scientist has pointed out.  Since we are mostly water- I believe that this is having an effect on us as a people- as the vibrations are running at a much higher frequency, which occurs with faster motion.  Whether it is our destiny or has been caused as a result of our self-fulfilling prophecies, this time Heaven is not going to be denied it seems, and the wheat is about to be separated from the chaff.

Spells, rituals, and incantations were a LARGE part of my childhood- and as such I have always believed in magic- as I have always found it to work.  I sought out therapy because the part of my brain they opened up when I was a child didn’t shut down but rather got stronger as I got older, and it was through therapy and my spiritual practice that I learned to master what I had been grilled to do over and over as a child.  As such- it seems that I don’t need the bells and whistles that were so prevalent in my training any longer- and can just connect without all of the hoopla.

I am also not afraid of the dark.  Trained to work from within the dark, I had to find my place within it all in order to come to terms with myself- and what I found is that the Mother resides in the middle of the dark, and it was she who saved me from myself.  This all sounds fanciful and crazy- but you must understand that the Satanic training that I went through has, throughout my life, determined my conscious course of action in such a way that I have been able to become the man I am today.  As such, I have become a formidable opponent.

For those of you who are inclined to dabble in the dark, realize that you are about to get your wish to exist within it, but not the way you all thought.  Those who you seek to invoke and manipulate are now free and able to do what they please- and they, as many of you are already sensing, all seem to have this desire for Retribution.  And They shall have it.

Teaching me things that have been incredibly helpful- we are in the heart of Ophiucus, and all of Heaven is with us now.  For those of you who have suffered- I assure you that your cries have been heard, and we are now moving into a time of miracles- so have hope and do not despair- for God and all of Heaven is with us.  There will be wars and rumors of wars- but fear not- for God is with us.  The intentions of our hearts desire has been seen, and now we are coming into a period where our prayers are about to be answered.

The rules of this game are simple Michael- come clean or be claimed.  Time is running out, and speeding up, and the hourglass is about finished- so I suggest you do what you need to do to save yourself now before you lose the chance and you and your lot are claimed by the dark, taking the place of the very beings you and your group  has so aggressively manipulated for centuries.  It makes NO DIFFERENCE who believes or who doesn’t- as we both know the truth- and that truth has set me free.

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