Before Father Flanagan Is Sainted…

The reason that I concluded that Alan Baer’s house is the one that horrible games of hide and seek were performed is because a perspective buyer for the property at 6724 Davenport, who looked at the house, did a Google check on the names that had been dropped- and in doing so- found me on the internet after entering Alan Baer’s name.  Showing me the house and the pictures that reside on a real estate blog- I recognized the house enough with three pictures that I was able to explain where rooms lead to other rooms and where the secret hiding places and passageways were throughout the house.  It explains why that house bothered me so bad the one and only time that I visited it as an adult to see Alan and Marsha- although at the time I thought it was about Alan rather than the real estate.  This was why Alan kept us waiting for 20 minutes in his front parlor, to see how I would react.  Always a game with the man- it all changed after the man died.

According to the word on the street, it seems that the family has, and are incredibly proud of, letters from Father Flanagan thanking J.L. Brandeis for helping to fund in the building of the Boystown institution, which could probably  be considered why there is such a strong link with the trafficking of boys and Omaha as a whole, as Jonas was involved in much more than his department stores.  Being a HUGE pedophile hangout when Alan Baer owned it- I don’t find that the sale of the place to Younkers in 1987 coincidental- considering all that was happening here in Omaha at the time, and the fact that Alan was having boys up that he would find downstairs in the department store, to his penthouse apartment upstairs where he would pay to have sex with them.

J. Brandies, Alan’s father in law, also owned the ranch next door to Charles Manson, and the fact that Manson is a byproduct of the MKUltra project is undeniable- as he talks fluently about the same philosophies that I was taught as a child.  Brandeis was a strong part of our nation’s intelligence, and considering that I have heard a strong argument that the murder of Sharon Tate was not an arbitrary accidental hit but rather Manson was instructed to hit this house as it was producing enough quantities of LSD to interfere with the CIA’s production and profit of the same drug, it just shows how deep all of this really is.  MKUltra effectively designed psychopaths, having their psyches destroyed in the process- and I don’t believe that Manson was working alone- considering his brief stay at Boystown and his neighbor hood connection to a man who was INSTRUMENTAL in many of the things that were happening in Omaha.  This continued later when, eventually, it was turned over to Alan Baer after he married Marsha Brandeis.  It has been my experience that crazy people don’t have that much power- not working alone- and if anything is true about Manson- it is that he is mad.

Another connection to the mess in Omaha- it can’t be denied that there is just too much to be considered before we going make someone who HAD TO BE  instrumental in this, a saint- such as Father Flanagan.  Boystown was, without a doubt, involved with the trafficking of boys considering it was this institution that was shipping busloads of boys down to the Greyhound bus station so that they could spend the day in the Old Market- our cities version of a pederasts playground.  Financially Boystown was indebted to Brandeis and his buddies, as Alan and Marsha’s family and their letters will show, which is yet ANOTHER connection to all of this- which would explain WHY.  Believing that people have forgotten Boystown, nothing could be further from the truth.

I was taught if you control the perception of the thing- you control the thing itself- and I think that this rush to make Father Flanagan a saint has more to do with local politics than any real spiritual consummation.  If Flanagan is deemed a saint- the institution he worked with others to fund will also be considered unquestionable, and this is just not acceptable.  Before we deem any man and his quesitonable institution saintly- I think that ALL the facts need to be considered.  Just calling a man a saint doesn’t make it so- and it has been Boystown’s own history that has made it questionable.


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