A Response to a Critic about Father Flanagan, Boystown and Myself

If speaking the truth is dangerous- so be it.

I AGAIN am not going after the man Father Flanagan but rather I am going after the institution- as it was the institution that was behind much of what was going on with Franklin.  It’s connections to Brandies and the CIA could easily be proved if the family showed the letters they are known to brag about.  There are connections here that MUST be looked into before anyone talks sainthood about anybody.

I only know what I know- to answer the first point- and there are A LOT of people who have their OWN stories about Franklin. It was so big that I only know what I know- and that only scratches the service unfortunately. I am not playing with words- just simply trying to state that there is more than just me in this damn situation. I am telling the truth of what I know- but what I know is limited to my family and their friends, as well as my involvement as a young adult.  Was I at Offutt when they were unloading the drugs?  No- but the family friend who was DEALING those drugs was.  And anyone can type in Kevin Dobson and Gilberto Montoya (Paublo Escabar’s nephew) and see the coke connection that existed.

As far as being a murderer, I have said it over and over- I was FORCED to kill as a small child- and it all stopped at the age of 10- so if you are holding me responsible for who I killed- realize that there are a great deal many more than just two. Lots of children died- and I was key to a lot of those deaths. I was forced, but they died at my hands none the less. Do I feel guilt? That is one of the things that took me into therapy. Presuming you know anything about me is ridiculous- again- you only have your uneducated opinions about me.  The suffering from all of this is what drives me today to try and expose it.

Qualifying my statement as to how others have been screwed with- well, one of my booksellers in town received an unwelcome three oclock visitor threatening him to prevent him from selling my book- telling him that the fight was “not his” and threatening his wife and home, and just recently a friend of mine who does a blog show got death threats concerning me in her chat. Someone just a few days ago cut off a sparrows wings and left it at my front steps. These are just a FEW examples I could provide. Am I going to ask them to validate me in here- no. It may come as a surprise- but I use this room for my own purposes- and don’t owe any of you squat.

Slim is not involved- but do I think that those that I have accused check my blog and in here- I am sure they do. Notice- with all that I have done and said- and I have done MUCH MORE than just in this room- no one has stood to stop me or correct me. Just people who don’t know much about the situation. I am not the only one talking- I’m just the loudest. I have people who are just as willing to tell their experiences that correlate with what I went through.

I am my work unfortunately- and I am not boasting about my blog hits but simply stating facts. I know that many of you believe that successful people sit in a corner timidly, but who needs that. lol. I am helping survivors all over the world from what I have been told- helping them to become brave enough to tell what happened to them. I don’t work with children. I don’t much care for them- they are painful reminders of my own childhood and they make me melancholy. What I am trying to do is not save children- but rather change the system- and that needs to be examined way before any real policies can be put in place.

As far as disagreeing with people who disagree with me- I generally find that they have no clue what they are talking about and are simply speaking opinion rather than any facts to the matter. The fact of THIS particular matter is= again- I am not going after Flanagan- as much as I am the institution- which has a documented history of being flawed. I believe that the two are NOT synonymous with each other- and though the image of Flanagan might have been saintly- the history of the institution is CERTAINLY NOT.

Neither Flanagan nor Boystown was involved with my abuse- and though my brother and sisters were used on Saturdays to attract boys in the old market- something they were FORCED TO DO AS CHILDREN- Boystown is just a periphery focal point for me- but because of the British documentary Conspiracy of Silence and such, I think that before we go deeming the institution of Boystown beyond reproach- we need to take a serious look and see if the allegations are true.

However- the Brandeis clan- and Alan Baer- had EVERYTHING to do with what happened to me- and they were instrumentally involved- as were others. And Ill name them at my leisure- and if it bothers some of you- then stop listening. But I am not going to be silent- and I am going to keep doing what I am doing- simply because it is working. If there are those of you who don’t like it- you have a choice. You aren’t a victim- just stop listening, reading, and responding. It IS a choice.

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