CNN and Its Attempt to Normalize Satanism

For the most part- Satanism, according to the False Memory Foundation- doesn’t really exist. There are no covens, no practices, no real anything that asserts that Satanism is real and being practiced.

However- this is not true according to CNN- who is trying it’s best to normalize the belief system by squaring off how satanists feel about abortion. Maybe that is because there is this misconception that Satanists only kill babies (even though, in my personal experience, NOT ONE BABY was killed). Funny that with all of this- CNN does an article on how abortion is dealt with by satanists.

Our media is desperately trying to normalize satanic beliefs so that the REAL practices of Satanism are never uncovered. Treating satanists like every other religion- it is a sad take on what our nation has become- esp. considering that the satanic covens that were polled all came from the UK- which has a HUGE problem with these kind of practices. Dismissing and minimizing the whole situation- it makes me think back on the Geraldo show years ago when he planned to have a satanist family on but they never showed, suggesting to the country that satanism was a bunch of bunk. Now we have polls on satanists- so unable to have it both ways- does the practice of satanism exist-or not?

My experience is that is DOES exist and is NO WHERE NEAR as innocuous as suggested. But thanks to CNN for definitely deciding that Satanism and it’s practices DO IN FACT exist!

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