Why I Believe My Family Is Involved with the murder Ricky Chadek in 1986

First and foremost, I know my dad to be a child killer.  I watched him torture and kill children when I was a child.

In my childhood my dad and stepmother lived in Graettinger IA but traveled to Omaha frequently.  As a child we came once or twice a month, as both my grandmother Shurter lived here, as did my Uncle Jack Shurter- my dad’s brother.

My father had a blue utility pickup (which is involved in several key abductions), as well as a white Oldsmobile that my Grandfather Shurter paid cash for in Emmetsburg.  The pickup and Oldsmobile are spoken about in several abductions.

Silver Lake MN is also a connection.  Like I have said, there was one store that everyone went too.  Not only did  Ricky Chadeks family vacation there, but our family had a trailer there as well at one time and we were incredibly familiar with the area.  My stepmother’s family ALSO owned property up at Silver Lake.

My dad worked at Northern Natural gas at the time, and traveled the Midwest extensively.

My father built a sound proof room in their laundry room when they moved back in the late 80s- and told several people when he was dying that he had skeletons in his closet- which he completely rebuilt along with a pedestal bed in his bedroom.

My sis told me that Ricky was gutted.  Disembowelment was a favorite of my fathers.  He was also strangled- this was a big thing in my family- as my dad LOVED to strangle people.

Taken care of before he was murdered, police believe a woman was involved.  I believe this to be my stepmother.  This type of behavior is also known in the Oakland City Murders in Michigan.  Nicknamed the “Babysitter”- all four of those children were treated the same, although 3 were strangled and one was shot.

Ricky was hog tied with rope- I believe it was a polyurethane rope- used in boating a lot.  We had a little boat- and my dad had lots of the rope.  My dad enjoyed hogtying kids and driving around with them in the trunk.

My father died in 2006.  I believe Stephen died in 2008 in Ocean City Maryland.  Two years after Stephen’s death- I read on CNN that some guy got busted with ritualistic child porn of a satanic nature.  I wonder if my brother was not involved with this- as the only thing my homeless brother could hold onto was his camera.

A peculiar thing- Ricky was murdered just like the two boys that John Joubert was convicted of= although he was in jail at the time.  Coincidence?  Probably- added to a LONG ASS LIST OF COINCIDENCES.

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