It is Amazing How Many People Could Care Less about Dead Kids

I left this on facebook this morning….

The fact that so many law officials dismissed that poor kid getting shot down in Florida because of his color pisses me off so bad that I am in a bad mood today. It is amazing how many people justify not getting involved because it doesn’t directly concern them. That dumbass running around with a gun shooting unarmed people needs some consequences- but no body cares about murdered kids anymore. The kid was poor- and the shooter had money- it has NOTHING to do with race. And the guy is Hispanic, not white- but why this even matters is a question. A dead kid with nobody facing any consequences- that is what Florida is known for. I mean- look at Caylee Anthony. I suggest a boycott of Florida- with everyone running around with guns able to kill anyone they find irritating- who the hell wants to go to a place like that?

I think that I am emotionally connected to this because it is so similar to what I am going through in Omaha NE.  Law officials don’t like to do any more work than they have too- which is probably why we have so many dead kids on the books with no one responsible for the murders.  Law officials in Nebraska are no better than those down in Florida- which is why there are groups calling for a federal investigation regarding Omaha’s finest job performance.  However- law enforcement’s lack of job performance is not just a Florida problem- as Nebraska has just as many dead kids on its books without anybody being responsible.  I just wanted to point this out.

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