Bob Kerrey and the Franklin Credit Union with Concerns to Child Trafficking

Bob Kerrey was INSTRUMENTAL in helping cover up the events of Franklin Credit Union and all the child trafficking that was happening here in Nebraska in the late 80s early 90s, so my question is- why is Nebraska willing to let a carpetbagger back into office= esp. when all of this about Franklin is being re looked into.

Of course- now you can have sex with the victims and with the new legislation that is being presented- THEY will be the ones to face the harsh consequences instead of those who are making the victims pander in the first place.  Attempting to look like they care and are trying to do something- Nebraska legislature is just offering its citizens more of the same.

In attacking the victims of pandering- they effectively make it so that they have NO VOICE- just like they have ALWAYS done.  All of the 1000s of child abuse reports that poured in before Franklin went down were just discarded and ignored- and now Nebraska is trying to pass a law that makes this acceptable as the norm.

If we reelect Bob Kerrey- we are DEFINITELY asking for more of the same.  History always repeats itself, and I assure everyone out there- there is a STRONG PUSH TO KEEP ALL OF THIS QUIET.  Kerrey running for office at this PARTICULAR TIME shows that this is more true than ever.

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