Hallelujah for HJR0587 !!

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The REAL front line in the War on Terror is wherever Agenda 21 is being crammed down our throats, to steal our property and other freedoms.

In the State of Tennessee, at least one brave servant of God – Rep. Kevin Brooks – has introduced a bill for his good state to fight back!

Agenda 21 is an insidious onslaught by the “wolves in sheep’s clothing” global bankers to sneak in through the back door and steal our personal property, our freedom to travel, and even our right to own vehicles.

HJR0587 is a HUGE step in the right direction!

Please take this bill to your own state legislators, to educate them, and show our support to pass one in your state.

Agenda 21 is nothing less than United Nations World Government overthrow of America – and the entire world – dreamed of for over a century, by the same group of bankers who met in Jekyll Island, Georgia, in 1910, and founded the private Federal Reserve in 1913. We must stop it while we still can!

Thank you for being a soldier on the front line!


Tennessee House Joint Resolution HJR0587.pdf Tennessee House Joint Resolution HJR0587.pdf
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