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I am publishing this because, funny enough- when I was in San Francisco last year, we watched a huge rally of people chanting “Hey Hey APA, How Many Children Have You Killed Today”.  Considering that 1 out of every 10 Americans is on anti-depressants, it definitely shows that their could be a problem somewhere.  I do not know much about this subject to be quite honest, however, there is a strong movement against it so I think it is worth mentioning, if not investigating.

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Subj: [PsychRights] Why I’m Coming to Occupy the American Psychiatric Association


PsychRights just posted the video, Why I’m Coming to Occupy the American Psychiatric Association.

I hope you watch it and share it.   Even more important, if you possibly can, I hope you will come join us in Philadelphia May 5th for the protest.   The video goes into why it is so important to “Occupy” the American Psychiatric Assocation.

For more information, see, MindFreedom’s web page, Occupy the American Psychiatric Association, and Protesters, Rejecting Mental Illness Labels, Vow to “Occupy” the American Psychiatric Association Convention.

That page has some travel and lodging information.   Also, there will be a group of people staying at the Motel 6, out by the airport.  We are looking at having a place for people who want to camp out, can do so, and then have transportation available to and from the events.

Speaking of events, plural, the day after the protest . . . Robert Whitaker and Jim Gottstein to Speak in Philadelphia on Sunday, May 6! 

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One in 10 Americans Use Antidepressants, Most Don’t See a Therapist
“While antidepressant use is on the rise, it’s not always mental health professionals that are writing the scripts: less than one third of patients on antidepressants reported seeing a mental health professional within the past year.”
“The survey captured how many patients are on antidepressants, not necessarily how many patients are being treated for depression with antidepressants. Because antidepressants are also prescribed for anxiety, neurological pain, fibromyalgia, sleep problems, and menopausal hot flashes, some of those reporting being on antidepressants may have been medicated for those reasons, not for depression, says Dr. John Messmer, associate professor of Family and Community Medicine at Penn State College of Medicine.”
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