The Use of Hidden and Secret Facebook Groups That Are Being Used to Engage in the Extreme Targeting of Vulnerable People- Most Esp. Children

It is no secret that vulnerable people are being targeted online and that certain groups and forums are seeking personal information from people, often within 10 minutes of the person going into these groups.

These groups are attracting their victims with sweet promises and are often incredibly nice in order to draw in these vulnerable people. They post on various websites that these are EXCLUSIVE hidden groups and demand that those who are interested in joining email ALL of their personal information, such as their addresses and phone numbers, to these abusers who then decide who can join and who can’t.

And many members have reported to me that they don’t even KNOW THE NAMES of the groups that they are joining until they are invited to join after sending all of their personal information. In fact, no one can JOIN these groups but rather- members have to be INVITED, and they are only invited AFTER they send in all of their personal information.

These groups are luring victims with claims that that they can help- even CURE- people’s DID symptoms, although, from what I have discovered- these groups have now extended out to include ALL trauma survivors. However, after these groups have a hold of their victims, I have been told that they change dramatically.

The scariest part of these groups is that they are targeting not only adult victims of extreme abuse- but also CHILDREN through their websites, and they have absolutely NO ACCOUNTABILITY whatsoever. And since these groups are hidden- although they are primarily on Facebook- no parents are able to see or even view these groups that are targeting their children. Silence is the MAIN REQUIREMENT for all of these groups, and threats of being removed for any violation of their expectations are often enacted without impunity.

Although there are laws in effect now stating that you cannot misrepresent who you are, that you can’t do therapy online, and that cyber-bullying is considered a crime- these groups are violating all of these laws unabashedly.

First of all, these groups are completely misrepresenting who they are. People are being led to believe that prominent members of the survivor community are not only involved with these groups but are also running them, although this is far from the truth. They are also claiming that these prominent members are on their administrative staff although, as a general rule- this is not even close to the truth.

In fact, often times, these prominent members don’t even have a clue that these groups even exist- let alone being involved with running them.

This is done for two reasons. First, it gives these groups credibility. Second, when they commit their crimes against their victims- who are already extremely vulnerable, it destroys the reputation of those prominent members of the survivor community who- these groups claim- are running these groups in the first place.

It is done to damage the reputation of survivor leaders and is effectively preventing the victims from reaching out to those who are, essentially, being illegally defamed and who could actually offer help to the victims.

None of these groups are using their real names as leaders, which again breaks the law of misrepresenting who they are. In fact, from the myriad of members who have contacted me- from what I understand- no one has a clue who ANY of these people are, as all of their names are always completely fake, although members have reported one name to me over and over as someone who is involved with this nefarious activity.

Amber Vollatton- who murdered Lori King and then went all over the internet bragging out it- who also goes under the name Menagerie- has been named as a person behind this illegal activity by many victims over and over.

Amber Vollatton and these groups she has been called out as being involved with, are seeking out the MOST VULNERABLE people- in this case people who have dissociative identity disorder (once called multiple personality disorder), and are demanding that the members go through “therapy” with them. And let me remind you- many of their members on these hidden groups are CHILDREN.

This so called “therapy” is done over the phone. These groups demand that members share their personal information- such as their addresses and phone numbers, in order to be invited in and then these abusers are GROUP calling these people and doing some strange form of hypnosis/meditation with them where they are requiring that these vulnerable people visualize putting all of their “parts” into the light so that they can get rid of them.

(“Parts” refer to the split off pieces of victim’s personalities that occurred when they suffered the severest form of trauma).

These groups are also equating these “parts” with some weird form of psychic phenomenon- telling their victims that the flashbacks that they are experiencing are actually “spirits” or “demons” that are attacking them. Not only that, but I have been told repeatedly that victims are being told that they are being attacked by these “demons” because they are guilty of INVITING THEM IN. In essence, they are telling the most vulnerable victims stupid crap in order to scare the ever living shit out of them, and again- these victims include A COUNTLESS AMOUNT OF CHILDREN.

All in all- what these groups are effectively doing is using CULT BEHAVIOR in order to scare and control their victims.

After this “therapy”, if the victims express that all of their parts are NOT gone- (which is generally always the case), they are then told that these are “bad” parts and that they need to be destroyed. And how are they to be destroyed? Well, the victims are being encouraged to KILL THEMSELVES, as they are being told that this is the only way that these “bad” parts can be dealt with.

Again- to reiterate- they are,in effect, telling CHILDREN that they are to blame for their “parts” caused by their abuse, and in order to do the right thing, they need to KILL THEMSELVES.

None of these groups adhere to any kind of privacy policies and, according to the myriad of victims who have spoken up- these groups have a history of illegally using and abusing the personal information that their victims are demanded to share with these abusers in order to join these “exclusive” groups- such as group calling them on the phone, (where 4 or more people are on the phone speaking to the victim at the same time), sharing the personal information with other people that are generally completely unknown to the victims they are targeting, and- in the end- these groups are using that personal information against their victims.

Members who stand up or refuse to go along with these groups demands have all reported that they have faced a campaign of cyber-bullying and since these groups are hidden and secret- once a person is removed- they are completely unable to access the site in order to report them to Facebook.

Actually, again according to the plethora of victims who have been terrorized by these groups, it has been reported to me that these groups not only demand adherence to their strange group calling “therapy” practices- but they also demand that their members don’t even post ON THEIR OWN PERSONAL FACEBOOK PAGES- or they risk being REMOVED and ATTACKED.

This effectively isolates these victims from their friends and family, giving this group EVEN MORE CONTROL over their victims. And again- it can’t be said enough that many of these targeted individuals are UNDER-AGED CHILDREN.

Worse yet, since these groups are hidden and secret, after these members are removed for “violating” these overreaching and illegal rules, they are unable to even access the sites, thus preventing them from being able to report these groups to Facebook. Since it is a “secret” group-therefore completely hidden- people are not able to just pull it up in a search, and so these groups behaviors are able to go completely unreported by those they have attacked, since there is no way to go back into these groups and report them.

So these groups are misrepresenting who they are, are doing illegal and totally bizarre “therapies” online, demanding access to their victims personal info that they are using against them at will, and are cyber-bullying any and every person who would speak out against these groups behavior. And because of Facebook’s policies, they are doing this in such a way that they are COMPLETELY UNACCOUNTABLE for.

Victims are afraid, and because of the harassment that these groups are known to engage in- ALL of the victims I have been in contact with feel completely helpless and powerless as a whole. God only knows how many of these totally vulnerable people have committed suicide as a result of what they have experienced- and those who remain in these groups are so afraid of being targeted that they are essentially frozen from doing ANYTHING. And again- it can’t be said enough- that many of these victims are UNDER-AGED CHILDREN.

Everything I have learned about these groups- and I know of at least 8 of them on Facebook alone- has shown me that there are people who are going onto the internet and using CULT BEHAVIOR to ensnare victims in order to keep them under control. Since most victims have been exposed and damaged by cult like behavior, they unfortunately are being attracted to it in droves- like moths to a flame.

It is human nature to gravitate to that which we know- even if what we know is destructive and damaging. These abusers are obviously aware of this- and so they have made themselves readily available to engage in behavior that both SCARES and CONTROLS this abused and totally vulnerable population.

And, as of yet, there has been ZERO accountability from Facebook concerning these hidden groups and their totally illegal activity, even though the damage that they are inflicting has been VAST and FAR REACHING.

In fact, Facebook- by their own actions- has seemed to promote and encourage this behavior by allowing hidden and secret groups to exist with absolutely NO OVERSIGHT as to what damage these groups are inflicting on their victims- who also include underage children.

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