The Investigations into My Father Robert Lynn Shurter Jr. and Step-Mother Joanne C. Shurter, or Rather the LACK of Them

A couple months ago, I was told of a man named Aaron Larson who was with Jacob Wetterling when he was abducted on October 22, 1989 and was Jacob’s best friend. I found him on Facebook and sent him a message- telling him who I was, who my father was, that I believe my father and stepmother were the ones who abducted Jacob, and I sent a picture of my dad of how he looked when Jacob was abducted.

I have not heard anything from Aaron, or anyone else, regarding what I have done- although I have sent several messages to Aaron through Facebook- the last one being this…

“again- you don’t owe me anything- but Jacob was your friend- and the authorities have a history of burying all of this. PLEASE don’t just sit by and let this happen. I KNOW my dad was the one who took Jacob- but they will cover this up because of what my family was involved with. YOU could help push this- I can’t do much of anything. Please do what you can to help- Jacob DESERVES it.”

Since I haven’t heard from Aaron, I have assumed that he recognized my father, went to authorities, and has been told not to contact me. Otherwise, I would think that I would have received a reply back telling me that my father was not Jacob’s abductor.

However, in the 15 years+ that I have struggled to get my father investigated- I have had NO help from police. In fact, as I have said repeatedly- when I went to the Nebraska State Patrol and demanded that cold case Det. John Pankonin take my DNA to compare it to Ricky Chadek- who was abducted and found murdered in Omaha, NE on March 23, 1989- Det. Pankonin sent his sister Tru Pankonin to ingratiate herself into both mine and my older sister’s lives.

The interesting thing about the murder of Ricky Chadek is that he was murdered EXACTLY the same way Danny Joe Eberle (Sept. 18, 1983), and Christopher Walden (Dec. 2, 1983) were murdered- the two boys that John Jubert was executed for on July 16, 1996. This fact was kept from the news, and I only know about it because Det. Pankonin told both my sister and I of this fact.

Jubert couldn’t have murdered Chadek in 1989 since he was in custody on January 12, 1984. So the question remains- why were all three of these boys murdered in the same way- and WHO killed Chadek?

In 1976- the same year that a man found my family who was searching for his abducted daughter and whom I was forced to light on fire- four children were found ritually murdered in Michigan: Mark Stebbins (abducted Feb. 15, 1976- found murdered Feb. 19, 1976), Jill Robinson (abducted Dec. 22, 1976- found murdered on Dec. 26, 1976), Kristine Milhelich (abducted on Jan. 2- 1977- found murdered on Jan. 23, 1977), and Timothy King (abducted on March 16, 1977- found murdered on March 22, 1976).

I have spoken with Michigan State Police- who asked me if I was “Bob”- an anonymous man who came forward in 2005 and started claiming that he knew who killed these children- which was ALSO the same time my father had started coming clean and had begun calling people to tell them of his crimes.

Noreen Gosch- mother of abducted Johnny Gosch- even told me that she had received a phone call from my father who told her that he was guilty of “horrible crimes against children” and that he was involved with her son’s abduction- although she told me that she thought he was just a crazy person until she spoke with me.

Interesting that some anonymous guy comes forward to try and make waves regarding the Oakland Four murders at EXACTLY the same time my father started to come clean about his crimes- and too this day- NO ONE still knows who this “Bob” is- although “Bob” is what my stepmother always called my father- Robert Lynn Shurter Jr.

Personally- I believe that the FBI and anyone else who gets wind of this case will sit on the info and do their best to prevent it from being investigated. I also believe that since my dad was a pilot- flew his own plane- and was born and raised in Michigan and knew the state well- I think that he and his friends were doing their best to shift what was beginning to come out in Omaha in the 70’s and turn the focus onto Michigan by ritually killing four children. It was a simple case of distraction, and one that worked until 1986- when all hell broke loose in Omaha.

Authorities will claim that they have absolutely NO EVIDENCE that satanic ritual abuse of children exists- even though- two years after my brother Stephen Wesley Shurter died in Ocean City, Maryland- a man was caught and convicted of having a huge collection of extreme child porn depicting satanic ritual abuse and the horrible rapes of children in the SAME TOWN. This man, coincidentally, was named Larry King Jr. although it is NOT the same Larry King who went to jail in Omaha regarding the Franklin Credit scandal.

These pictures are PROOF- and it is interesting that NO ONE has ever come forward about this. I know because I was keeping up with Ocean City Maryland after my niece Melissa told me that I would be surprised at what my homeless and drug addicted brother had in his possession when he died. I believe that she was speaking DIRECTLY about this collection of pictures- as my brother was a photographer and it was the only thing that he was consistent about doing his whole life.

In fact- I believe that the second photographer Rusty Nelson speaks about concerning the crimes going on in Omaha that he was convicted for- WAS my brother.

Furthermore- Frank Church- who led the Church Committee in Congress investigating MKUltra, had his picture taken BY MY BROTHER- which was my brother’s one claim to fame. If you google Frank Church- the picture that comes up is the very one TAKEN by my brother.

Funny- for having no connection to any of this- as authorities often claim- my family was VERY CONNECTED to many of the key players.

So is my father- and his third wife (who I know for a fact was TOTALLY involved with my father’s crimes) being investigated? I would say no.

Why? Because my father, before he died, told people- including my older sister and I- that there were the remains of dead children in the walls of his master bedroom closet- which he TOTALLY rebuilt- but, to date- no one has even bothered to look into this. Despite that there have been several reports made.

When my father died, my sister Kathy was told by a nurse that dealt with my dad when he was dying that we needed to look into the daily notes that the hospital filed- as my dad TOLD THEM AS WELL. (That hospital is Methodist Hospital- located on West Dodge Road in Omaha, NE.) However, his third wife Joanne C. Shurter- (as his wife at the time) had everything SEALED so that neither my sister nor I- who are direct CHILDREN of our dad- can have any access to these records.

Omaha Police- however- are not bound by these rules- but have NEVER initiated ANY KIND OF INVESTIGATION into any of it. All they would have to do is check out my father’s medical records and see what was written in his daily notes- but they have DONE NOTHING other than sending their family members into mine and my sister’s lives to see what they could find on us.

So where do I go from here? At this moment- I have absolutely NO IDEA- but that, in no way, means that I am stopping. Why won’t they investigate my father and stepmother for their crimes? They can claim whatever they want- but the truth is, in my opinion, is that they KNOW what we have said is the truth- and if they were to investigate and discover the REAL facts to all of this- it would VALIDATE what I have said REPEATEDLY in the past and would cast a WHOLE NEW LIGHT on the events surrounding Omaha. They don’t want this. By their EVERY ACTION everyone can see this.

I mean- why else would you send your sister into the lives of people who were reporting murders to you- as a POLICE MAN? And Det. John Pankonin can say whatever he likes- but the timing of his sister Tru coming into mine and Kathy’s lives plainly shows that nothing is what it seems with any of this- esp. considering that RIGHT AFTER John Pankonin received a PROMOTION.

Interesting, isn’t it- how all of these things point to a major cover up and STILL nothing has been done to try and solve it. And if none of this was true- why wouldn’t they at least investigate and put it all to rest?

Your answer is as good as mine when it comes to this situation, which is why I am saying that NO INVESTIGATION into my father and stepmother is happening. But then, I guess the myriad of children that have been murdered are of ABSOLUTELY NO CONSEQUENCE to authorities. Judging by their actions- or rather INACTION, this is incredibly apparent.


I was told to Google Gary Michael Northington and this is what I found…

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