Neil Brick and His Response to My Article About Him Yesterday

I woke this morning to find this link in my email:

So I want to deal with what Neil Brick responded with in regards to my article yesterday…

Neil Brick writes: “Update: David Shurter has been repeatedly making factually inaccurate statements about S.M.A.R.T. and Neil Brick, some that are incredibly bizarre in nature. David Shurter makes the entirely false statement that a survivor was removed from the Survivorship conference. This is entirely untrue. No survivors were removed from this conference or any Survivorship or S.M.A.R.T. conference.”

My reply: The woman who got thrown out was Laura W. (I am leaving out her last name out of respect to her). This whole situation is WELL KNOWN in the survivor community- and just shows that Neil Brick is once again lying. Neil Brick says my claims are “bizarre” in nature- but doesn’t go into detail of exactly what I said that was so bizarre. I stand by what I said.

Neil Brick writes: “David Shurter makes another false statement that Survivorship allowed the person who infiltrated the conference and filmed speakers without permission to stay. This is also false. They were removed from the conference. Sadly, David Shurter states he agrees with Lucien Greaves and the Grey Faction about Neil Brick, a group that has attacked survivors and their supporters. David Shurter makes false statements about the North American Truth and Reconciliation Coalition (NATRC). David Shurter makes the false statement that Neil attacks other survivors’ conferences. This is totally untrue.”

My reply: Pat Goodwin reached out to SMART and Survivorship a few years ago and asked that everyone join forces- support each other- and stand together. As a result- she received an email that hurt her feelings. I am reaching out to her today to get the link to the article she wrote as a result. And as it is- Neil can’t show ANYWHERE where he has supported anyone but HIMSELF. Again- this is another lie. And the NATRC is defunct- I was told this by a survivor who was previously on the Survivorship board. Because of the activity of Neil and his group- this survivor not only left Survivorship- this survivor has also distanced himself from the entire survivor community. Again- I have no interest in mentioning names- since Neil has a tendency to go after those who stand against him.

Also- the person he repeatedly lied about in an NATRC meeting was a person named Lynn S. I defended her rigorously- but a year later- I hurt her feelings by making Neil a handmade sewn banner for his SMART conference. She felt that it was a betrayal against her- but it wasn’t anything other than a desperate attempt on my part to try and calm the waters between Neil and I so that he would stop attacking me in the community. It didn’t work- and if I could do it all over again- I wouldn’t bother.

Neil Brick writes: “The reality is that David Shurter has attacked several survivor organizations viciously and many people in the survivor movement do not trust him at all anymore.”

Funny- Neil holds the two MAIN survivor groups in his grasp- SMART and SURVIVORSHIP. These are the two groups I have spoken out about- and since I have ATTENDED both of these conferences AS A SPEAKER- I feel I have a good grasp of what they are like. Whether the survivor movement trusts me or not- I don’t know- and, more importantly, I don’t care. I have never needed a group to stand behind me to do what I have done- but this is telling- coming from Neil- since most of the issues I have faced is my STANCE AGAINST NEIL. I have a plethora of friends in the survivor community- which is EXACTLY how I found out about the whole Laura W. ordeal.

Neil writes: “Survivors that publicly attack other child or ritual abuse advocates are not helping others nor are they helping the movement move forward. The child abuse “skeptics” watch these attacks, promote and encourage them and benefit from them. Survivor resources are only destroyed more by these attacks. Certain members of the survivor movement are sent to the movement to disable the movement in different ways. Some are programmed to attack others. Their goals (usually unknown to them) is to fragment the movement and destroy legitimate sources of education and support for survivors.”

Neil Brick concludes: “It appears that this may apply to David Shurter. David Shurter’s attacks have hurt the survivor movement.”

My reply: So now Neil is suggesting that I am being cult controlled and I just don’t know about it. This is truly paranoid and, considering what I have done and am doing- it is not only completely paranoid- but highly delusional. I have stood AGAINST NEIL BRICK- and now he is claiming that in doing so- I have hurt the entire survivor community- which shows my stance that Neil equates himself as THE survivor community- and to stand against him is to stand against ALL survivors. This is ridiculous.

I have ACTIVELY and PUBLICLY stood against Doug Mesner/Doug Misicko/Satanist Lucien Greaves for YEARS. If you look on Amazon in the comments for “Sybil Exposed” and “22 Faces”- you will find 100s of 1000s of posts where Pat Goodwin and I have fought against Doug and his wolf pack. In fact- out of all of the millions of survivors out in the world- WE ARE THE ONLY TWO WHO HAVE DONE SO.

For those of you who are interested in how Neil treated me while we were “working together”- you should check out this interview that I did with him, Judy Byington, and Pat Goodwin- who has been known in the survivor community as “Felicity Lee” for years.

New TalkShoe Program Featuring Neil Brick, Judy Byington, and Felicity Lee

Yes, Neil has posts against Doug and his group- but all he has done is defended HIMSELF- and no one else. And personally- I think it has all been fake. In fact- I believe they are working IN LEAGUE with each other- as Neil’s fight with Doug is being done in hopes that survivors will see it and gravitate to Neil. I personally believe that Neil Brick is working DIRECTLY with the other side- and that he is FULLY AWARE OF IT.

Right now, I am pushing to get my father investigated for the abduction of Jacob Wetterling- and I am also demanding that the murder of Lori King be investigated. When it is discovered that my father and stepmother were the ones abducting and murdering children- what I have said about Omaha and what was going on there will be VALIDATED- which will VALIDATE other survivors who have stated that they have been abused in the same ways. This is not going against the survivor movement- but is actually going to help it. After I prove what I have said- other survivors will be able to come forward and not have the same issues that they have had in the past being disbelieved, scoffed at, and ridiculed. But since the survivor community has been NO WHERE TO BE FOUND in my efforts- relying on them, in my opinion, is a waste of time.

Neil Brick can say whatever he wants about me- he can claim as many falsehoods as he wants- but that video that the “Grey Faction” released of him speaking at his own conference shows who and what Neil is. It is my opinion that telling a group of conference goers that they MUST sit on their hands so that they don’t touch their faces and mind control other participants is BIZARRE and the video plainly shows that this happened- and it was NEIL BRICK HIMSELF who was the cause of it.

I am sure that he will respond to this with another vague attack- calling me names and offering no proof as to what I have said as false. However, I WILL be getting the article that Pat Goodwin wrote as a response to her email from Neil Brick’s group and it WILL show how “supportive” Neil has been to other survivor groups.

In the end- I am sure that Neil will do the same thing to me as he has done with the “Grey Faction”- which is denying any responsibility for his own actions and blaming me for showing the truth of what I am saying- once again showing that Neil believes he IS the survivor movement and that attacking him is to attack the survivor movement as a whole.

This is as delusional as it is completely inaccurate.

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