As Much as I Hate to Admit It- Satanist Lucien Greaves and His “Grey Faction” Are Correct About Neil Brick

Doug Mesner/Doug Misicko/Satanist Lucien Greaves and Neil Brick are at it once again, and once again Neil is doing his best to support and defend himself all over the internet.

The issue that I have with Brick’s campaign is that Brick set up and titled it “Petition to Stop Attacks Against Child Abuse and Ritual Abuse Survivors and Neil Brick”, and from what I read- it is all about Brick defending Brick and ONLY Brick.

How exactly is he protecting survivors? He doesn’t mention anyone but himself- and worse- Brick speaks about himself in third person. Who does that? And if he is so supportive of survivors- why does he mention no one but HIMSELF?

Then I watched this video- done by Greaves’s “Grey Faction”, filmed at the last Survivorship conference, showing Neil, who was presenting, attack A SURVIVOR at his conference- and I was appalled.

The person he attacks in this video- was not only thrown out of the conference- BUT THE HOTEL AS WELL. And this was a SURVIVOR attendee who PAID MONEY to go to this conference.

He threw her out- but left Satanist Lucien Greaves’s friends to film him. So HOW was this conference safe? He threw out a poor woman, (who is incredibly sweet by the way), for scratching her face- but let SATANISTS stay and film.

Maybe he should have been more concerned about the Satanists who were filming him and less about survivors scratching their faces.

And just so people understand- Neil Brick runs and controls BOTH Survivorship and SMART.

Let me make it quite clear-it would be a cold day in hell before I would go to a weekend conference and sit on my hands the whole time because people were paranoid that if I touch my face they will be somehow mind controlled.

But paranoia is the name of the game with both of these organizations. Survivorship has gone around claiming that if you wake in the morning and your shoes are dirty- this means that “they” came for you in the middle of the night and raped you and you just don’t remember it. And they are telling the MOST VULNERABLE PEOPLE THIS.

And how do they supposedly mind control people? By scratching their faces, blinking their eyes, telling off color jokes,using “hand signals” (whatever those are), and opening a book- and these are just a few.

Funny- when they were trying to mind control me- they were torturing me, drowning me, electrocuting me, and making me kill little boys. I WISH my abuse was so easy as to have them scratch their faces, blink their eyes, and open a book.

The worse thing about that campaign is that, in reading the comments, it seems that the survivor community thinks that Neil Brick IS the survivor community- and to go after him means that you are attacking the entire community.

I AM a survivor- and I DON’T support Neil Brick. I think he is petty, controlling, and pretty much a despicable hairy little man who thinks WAY more about himself than he does others.

Pat Goodwin has hosted the Seattle Trauma and Dissociation Conference for two years now- this year is the third year- and how has Brick supported THIS survivor conference? By trashing Goodwin and her conference EVERY CHANCE HE GETS- that’s how.

So supporting survivors- for Brick- means SOLELY supporting him- obviously. By attending HIS conference- and trashing anyone who offers him any competition.

Compare SMART’s speakers and Survivorships speakers with the Seattle Trauma and Dissociation conference and you will see that THERE IS NO COMPARISON. The BIGGEST difference between them is that Goodwin’s conference HAS NO AGENDA.

Goodwin ISN’T trying to convince abuse victims that they have been victims of satanic ritual abuse, she doesn’t try to scare victims into thinking that they are being raped at night and just don’t remember it, and she isn’t filling victims heads with delusional ideas that any sane person would find ludicrous.

I worked with Neil Brick for years- trying to “fit in” with the survivor community- and have watched him systematically drive anyone and everyone who may disagree with him and his agenda away from participating.

A perfect example is the North American Truth and Reconciliation Coalition. When it was first formed- we had over 300 people who wanted to participate- but after Brick got finished- there were FIVE of us left. I was one of them.

I had serious issues with Brick- and in an NATRC meeting- I listened to him LIE REPEATEDLY in order to trash another survivor who claimed that he was using and abusing her. NOW- the NATRC ISN’T EVEN A THING ANYMORE. And this was done SOLELY by Brick. He ran everyone off- and finally- I just told him to go FUCK HIMSELF and left myself.

Brick has done more to HURT the survivor community than help it. Any sane person who watches the “Grey Faction” video of Neil will come away believing that he- AND EVERYONE WHO FOLLOWS HIM- is completely off their rocker. How is this “helping” survivors?

What other survivors is he giving support too? Who does he mention in his campaign- other than HIMSELF? Any other survivors? Any other conferences? No- JUST THE TWO HE GETS PAID FOR.

And if you go to his conferences and scratch your face- he will throw you out of the conference- out of the hotel- and onto the street without a second glance. Unless of course you are a Satanist filming him- then he OBVIOUSLY has no issue with you. So WHERE is this compassion he supposedly has for survivors? Let alone for SAFETY?!

His judgement- and more than that- his DISCERNMENT- is COMPLETELY questionable. And then- Greaves and his friends release the video of Brick- making him- AND EVERY SURVIVOR THAT FOLLOWS HIM- look crazy.

And you want to know what? Judging by many of the comments on his campaign (where again he speaks about himself in third person and defends himself repeatedly and ONLY himself)- where survivors are extoling Brick’s virtues and how wonderful he is- Greaves and his group may not be that far off from the truth.

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