An Honest Look at Hitler, MKUltra, and the American Government

The issue that our government has with this whole MKUltra issue is that, although they are doing their best to make it into a case of conspiracy theory, we have undeniable evidence that it existed.

They say that it ended way before the Church Committee conducted a formal congressional inquiry- but this program was completely secret- SO secret that they did everything they could to destroy evidence of its existence and only got busted because 20,000 papers got misplaced in some tax records showing that it existed. An extraordinary effort went into hiding it, so why would anyone believe they stopped?

Just because they said they did? And everyone is just supposed to believe them?

This whole process in America was already a problem but became amplified after WWII when we brought all those Nazi scientists over from the concentration camps during Operation Paperclip and spirited away Hitler and protected him in Argentina until he died of old age.

Information, by the way- that ONLY came forward because of Putin. You see, the bodies of “Hitler” and “Eva Braun” that were retrieved from the burnt out bunker were sent to Russia after WWII- and it turns out that not only was the body not Hitler- but was, in fact- FEMALE. (And none of the DNA matched either Eva’s nor Hitler’s). So Putin told Obama that either Obama tell the American people or Putin WOULD- and so our FBI came clean on the REAL outcome of the Nazi leader, although they couldn’t have been more quiet in letting the information out.

But the undeniable fact is that this is true and the FBI itself confirms this.

I actually believe that it is because of THESE facts that we now have an argument about whether the concentration camps even existed and what happened there. But proof of what happened in Germany during WWII is PROVEN when you look at its continuation here in America.

The difference is- Germany was THEN and America Is NOW.

A large component to Hitler and this MKUltra playbook is this focus on the occult- which is ALSO vehemently being tried to be placed in the realms of conspiracy – but that is only because the truth of the matter is that the occult is REAL and practicing it WORKED.

That is why it has been around for so long and embraced by so many- and it is the reason why the secrecy of MKUltra has been fought for so voraciously for SO long- because it holds secrets that they don’t want known.

Mind control and the occult go hand in hand in my experience- and extreme trauma- esp at a very young age- provides useful advantages that can be used later on, esp. with you couple it with the magic of the occult.

I have finally begun to look into the story of Sybil- the multiple personality story that happened in the 70’s that supposedly began this “panic” in America in the late 80’s and 90’s. I was a child at the time and dealing with my own horror and so I have never much bothered with it but as an adult- I have always been mystified with the fact that Sybil has been repeatedly equated with a direct link with SRA (satanic ritual abuse) DESPITE the fact that there is absolutely NO MENTION of SRA in the book nor did Sybil or her therapist EVER make any such claims publicly.

But a few days ago, I watched this…

Sybil: A Brilliant Hysteric? | Retro Report | The New York Times

So Sybil and her therapist MET in Omaha? I find this significant- because Sybil supposedly lived in Willow Corners Wisconsin but she was also directly connected to Omaha, Nebraska- and so, knowing what was going on in Omaha, esp. THEN- I now realize that THIS is why she was equated with SRA- because if she was in Omaha- she was SATANICALLY RITUALLY ABUSED.

Multiple personality disorder- then called Dissociative Identity Disorder and now simply referred to as Dissociative Disorders by many clinicians- was the GOAL of the this whole Nazi program philosophy- as they felt that if they could inflict as much trauma as possible on a child, they could break that child apart and then completely control that child into adulthood.

With their propaganda machine- society has had it drilled into our heads that all of this is crazy nonsense and no real discussion otherwise has really ever been able to be had since this all began to break apart in the 70’s and, most notably- the 90’s- but what they have been accused of by MYRIADS of people for MANY DECADES now is real.

It is real- it exists- and it is WORSE than ANYTHING you could imagine. And worst of all- they are doing it on the YOUNGEST of society- because it is only effective if you get them before certain ages. Our government has just taken certain predatory aspects that we all know exist and have existed for a long time, but they have FINE TUNED these and been able to direct these in certain individuals.

I was raised to become a psychopath. That was a basic belief instilled inside my mind as a child through the trauma I was experiencing. It didn’t work with me- but HOW MANY OTHERS are out there who can’t say the same?

When looked at logically- ALL of this makes sense now that people are finally aware of enough of the facts. Trying to make all of this seem crazy will bring suspicion upon you- because to deny what we all now know to be true will either make you out to be an idiot or working for the wrong side.

What do you think happened- bringing all of those Nazi scientists- the WORST of WWII- over to America and hiding Hitler? What do you think our government was up too? Maybe they just all wanted to talk and be friends and have tea? And history shows that they have spent an INORDINATE amount of time, effort, and resources to make this all look like a lie- just as Europe has done- and they are flat out busted for covering it up at the same time America was in the 80’s and 90’s.

The question NOW is not if all of this is true, but rather- what are we, as a society, going to DO about it?

I don’t have an answer to that question, but what I will say is that I have FAITH in the hearts and souls of mankind, because that is where one finds God and the Kingdom of Heaven, and so I KNOW without a doubt that the love and compassion will overcome the obstacles and that those who are responsible are about to pay DEARLY. As far as the rest of us- we are all about to see the naked truth as to how evil all of this has been- and I just hope that each ones of us is able to reach inside and hold tight to the faith that all of this is- VERY SOON- is about to get VERY interesting and that we are at a time of miracles- and that each one of us is able to trust in the hope of the light.

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