Getting Down to Brass Tacks- Just So There is No Question

I posted this on Facebook but later felt I just needed to flat out share this…

“Let me explain what it is to do your own thing and turn away from Heaven and what we have been told right now at this point in time.

Picture an incredibly exclusive restaurant that the Mafia owns and frequents, and they are having a major event and everyone is there. Now you walk in, with everyone watching you- walk across the room- climb on their main table, drop your pants and proceed to take a shit right there and then.

How well do you think this situation is going to work out for you?

This whole belief that you can be whoever you want and do whatever you feel and still be accepted by Heaven goes against everything we were told and is nothing more than a rendition of the satanic motto “Do as thou whilst”.

We have TWO commandments before us. 1.Love God and 2.FUCKING LOVE EVERYONE ELSE. It is pretty simple- and you can only fail at this if you choose to be a self serving asshole.

This time is ISN’T ABOUT LOVE. That time has past. This time it is about Judgement and WRATH. And when Heaven is focused on wrath- it makes the whole of every mafia member we have ever had all look like a collection of doe eyed choir boys.

I suggest that we all fucking act accordingly.

And for those of you who feel you are beyond Heaven’s judgement- you would be better off to tie a plastic bag around your head and tell yourself that you don’t breath oxygen- because that would be far less painful.

Two commandments- follow them or face the consequences. Period. No excuses, no justifications for failure, and ABSOLUTELY NO get out of the darkness free cards.

We will do as we are told- or we will suffer. Just like we have ALWAYS BEEN TOLD would happen.”

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