The Agenda We Are Fighting Isn’t Gay or Transsexual- It is a Luciferian Based Pedophile Agenda

Just think about it for a minute. Here is a group who wants to bring a hell on Earth, who have ALWAYS been in power, who are in power NOW, and who can be shown as the CAUSE of EVERY SINGLE ISSUE mankind is now facing.

War, poverty, disease- the complete destruction of our planet- all of these issues have thrived because this group- who owns everything- has been able to profit from it. THEY are all inordinately rich and the rest of us- we are all starving and dying in deprivation. Not only do they have absolutely no concern for us- but by their own actions they have proven over and over again that they 100% despise us.

I mean, it is their belief that we have absolutely NO RIGHT to even have water- the one thing, other than air, that we all need to live.

So what is happening? Even though we all know that they have stolen EVERY THING THERE IS TO STEAL, and that they are hiding their bounty in secret, tax-free off shore bank accounts- because we are so inundated with their entertaining idiot box, otherwise known as television, we are at each others throats- accusing each other of being free loaders- when the REAL issue is that we have a bunch of damn devil worshipers who have claimed the world as theirs and see fit to do anything they want, no matter how nasty or destructive to the human race it may be.

Their propaganda to keep you from considering their Luciferian affiliations is to try and make it out to be all about “eating babies” but take a look it around you- it extends FAR FURTHER than this. They are hoping that if you think “eating babies”, you will find it ridiculous and that you will dismiss everything else- but I am not even convinced this aspect is even real.

I was never involved with “eating babies” in my abuse. It was all about the blood and getting off on the endorphin rush that was in it from torturing the person it came from. To them- blood is an aphrodisiac- and babies don’t have enough to go around.

Luciferians worship the dark and they want to make Earth ready for a take over from Hell. This might sound like fantasy- but take a look around and you can see more than enough proof as to what a stellar job they have done.

Do you really think it is an accident that they have been feeding sex into our homes for decades now, are teaching kindergartners about masturbation, 4th graders about anal sex- and now the pedophile lobby has come out and claimed that the age of consent should be lowered because our children are becoming sexually active MUCH FASTER than they used too?

Ambercrombie and Finch sold clothes with magazines full of naked people, JUICY was written across the ass of our elementary school girls short shorts, and they have given our children porn stars like Kim Kardashian to idolize. We could all say this was just an accident if not for the fact that 6 FUCKING FAMILIES own the WORLD media. So really, you think all of this has just been an accident?

They call us “eaters and breeders” and they exploit our children like cattle- because have no doubt- human trafficking- and esp. child sex trafficking, is something they REALLY REALLY LIKE and it makes them all INORDINATE amounts of money.

The Odonnel girls in Michigan are a perfect example of how our systems, run by the VERY SAME PEOPLE I am speaking about, are targeting and trafficking our children and making untold amounts of money in the process. I mean, how much money do you think has been generated on this ONE case alone? With all of the medical care and system involvement and such, the price-tag on all of this HAS to be pretty high. And this is just ONE case where they stepped in, took the kids, gagged everyone involved with the threat of jail- and just did what they wanted. And made A LOT OF MONEY in the process.

And this whole Autism and vaccine crap- ALSO about human trafficking. An autistic population is WAY easier to control- and right now, as it stands, you can make an INORDINATE amount of money through the care of an autistic child. In fact- through our federal government, one autistic child brings in over 500 dollars every two weeks to anyone who cares for them, and there is absolutely NO OVERSIGHT concerning this. Imagine how much money was to be made if we have an UNLIMITED SUPPLY? Can you just envision the possibilities?

And all of this was brought to you by the VERY SAME PEOPLE who have owned, ran, and controlled everything from the very beginning.

Look around in the world and tell me, how could we possibly make it more of a hell on Earth than it already is? And since, where we are now has been systematically brought forth through their legislation and encouraged by their media, how can any of us believe that those who have controlled, owned, and ruled everything don’t have some sort of agenda- since it has been through THEIR actions that we all now find ourselves were we are?

Or do we just all believe that they are just really fucking stupid? And if so, are we really as fucking stupid as they believe us to be?

Either way, something needs to change. And it about too- despite anything any of us do to try and prevent it.

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