The Issue isn’t Transsexuals in the Bathroom- It is that Rich Pedophiles are Raping Your Children- and Have Been for a LONG TIME NOW

So right now, everyone is focused on this issue of transsexuals and what bathroom they are supposed to use, but this is being used as a distraction to keep people from focusing on the fact that our children are disappearing in mass and that our elites are raping them in just as great of numbers.

Of course they are focusing on the LGBT community- because, other than Muslims, there isn’t any group of people who are more despised. This type of behavior has ALWAYS been centered on in the LGBT community- not because the LGBT community as a whole are pedophiles or anything- (as statistics show that most pedophiles are STRAIGHT, WHITE, AND MIDDLE AGED MEN), but because in all actuality, there is very little understanding of the community itself- and it has been all too easy to hide this type of activity in a place where most have little understanding and a whole lot of hate.

Thus it is easy to demonize to LGBT community and always has been.

In fact, for many people- all you have to do is focus on the LGBT community to get them upset. Their disdain for this community is so pervasive that, when focused on, they generally become so engulfed in their dislike that they are not able to see anything other than that which they hate. And honestly- throughout history, there has never been a community more consistently hated than the LGBT community.

That is why all of this pedophile child trafficking stuff has been CENTERED in the community itself.

In Omaha, during the Franklin Credit fiasco- ALL of the illegal activity that was happening was right in the middle of the gay community, which is why in a town so small this activity was able to flourish in the way that it did. Stars, the Hollywood Bar, the StageDoor bar, the Max- KEY PLACES involved with the trafficking of children, the distribution of drugs, and the laundering of money- were ALL establishments within the gay community.

It was done this way because there is virtually NO ONE who understands and knows about the gay community who isn’t gay themselves. It was a PERFECT place to hide all of this.

Now Alan Baer and Larry King- the two most named in this mess in Omaha, were BOTH married and living in the straight lifestyle, although their propensities were WAY on the gay side. But like everything else surrounding Franklin- everything about these men was a lie.

The powers that be are doing what they have ALWAYS done- and are distracting you from the REAL issues involving your children. It is like I posted on Facebook yesterday…

“They have everyone so worried that transsexuals are molesting children in bathrooms but 1 child is disappearing every 27 seconds- and that isnt counting the runaways and the throwaways- and so are we just suppose to believe that they are all going into bathrooms and being taken by transsexuals? Jeffery Epstein, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Prince Andrew- none of these guys are transsexuals and yet they all went to Epstein’s pedophile island and have been called out. Rich people who run and control everything fucking kids- or transsexuals- what do you think the bigger problem is? I am sure God is very proud that we hate those different than us and protect those who would fuck our children- Just because they are rich and powerful.”

And you don’t even want to get me going about all the 10’s of 1000’s of children our Child Protective Services have LOST and have no idea where they are.

For those of you who doubt what I am saying- and think that a transsexual using a bathroom is the most serious threat our nation is experiencing, I have included a list of news links that speak about Epstein and his cohorts. Notice that with all of the outrage that has followed this whole bathroom issue- ABSOLUTELY NO OUTRAGE has occurred over this mess, and in fact no one has really focused on the issue whatsoever. Hell, most people don’t even know who Jeffery Epstein is, let alone that he was the elite billionaire pimp who was providing child rape victims to his friends.

Friends like Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and Prince Andrew- to just name a few.

If you actually think that transsexuals in the bathroom constitute the greatest threat to our children- then you are ignorant beyond belief. They are using your hate and disdain for a group of people to distract you from the truth, and our children are directly suffering from it as a result.

Don’t be idiots.

And yeah- there are some online who will do everything they can to discredit this and what I am saying- but then, they are WORKING for the very pedophiles who are raping your children in the ass. Of course they will claim that this isn’t true.

But then what exactly do you EXPECT them to say?

If all of you care about children so much- as you say you do, I suggest you start putting your actions where your mouths are. Yeah- going after the LGBT community is MUCH MUCH EASIER- but it isn’t going to solve the problem, and if we- as a whole, don’t do something fast- there is going to come a day, not so far away, when you will be forced to offer up YOUR children to this fun.

Here are those links…

Here Is Pedophile Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book

Jeffrey Epstein: The Sex Offender Who Mixes With Princes and Premiers

Sick Truth About Bill Clinton and Pedophile’s “Pleasure Flights” Comes Out… Hillary Camp Horrified

Judge unseals more details in Jeffrey Epstein underage sex lawsuit

And for those of you who are listening to the trolls online who are insistent that these aren’t facts and it is transsexuals you need to focus on- here is a bit of info about them.

CIA Agents To Troll Alternative Media Sites In Huge Propaganda Program

Always keep in mind….


But for those of you who disagree, PLEASE show me the court cases where transsexuals have been molesting our children in mass in bathrooms. Can any of you provide EVEN ONE LINK?

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