An Imperative Read: A Message about Heaven

The major difference between me and the millions of other people who were abused by these devil worshipers is that no one else had the cult pledge their soul’s allegiance to them, and that was ALL I experienced. Every little boy they slaughtered, every little boy I was forced to murder and then have sex with afterwards- they were ALL claimed to have been done in my honor. All of the torture I was subjected too, all the training, was to prepare me for the life that was ahead of me- which was becoming THE Anti-Christ, when the being that lived within my father would come into me and I would be the destroyer of both mankind and Heaven. As a little boy, it was quite a mind fuck- let me assure you.

I find it interesting that the hardest part people have wrapping their heads around all of this is that the truth why devil worship has been practiced from the very beginning isn’t solely because the practitioners are complete deviants but rather- IT WORKED. Luciferians are the ONLY ones who have hold of anything close to the truth, and everything else that exists in our world is a lie.

The Fall from Eden had two major consequences- the Fallen were trapped here, given exactly what they wanted- complete dominion over us but total separation from Heaven as well. We were cast from Eden- because now that mankind knew about good and evil- we had to be tested to see what we would choose. So we were given over to the Fallen- who had complete dominion over us from the very beginning.

This whole experience has been a spiritual battle- but not against Heaven and Hell but rather, the REAL battle is being waged within us as individuals. Heaven needed to test us and the Fallen were used to do just that. Their boast was that they could turn all of mankind against Heaven and so they were given the chance to do just that.

The Devil and his minions had control over this plane the whole time or he would not have been able to make the offer to Jesus Christ that he did with the world bowing down to him. When you realize the full extent of this- you begin to see the truth in the fact that EVERYTHING WE KNOW has been influenced by “demons” and their worshipers.

The Luciferians in my childhood, who referred to the general public as “eaters and breeders”, always laughed when they explained to me that the entire Bible was written under their influence. Every religion in the world was, as was every government. How? Because working in league with the Fallen, doing rituals and sacrifices and such- worked and afforded them incredible power and influence. Actually, if the truth be known, you can’t BE rich and powerful without being Luciferian in this world- because it is simply not allowed. Somehow or some way- they all have to sell their souls to the system, and the system was built, supported, and completely influenced by the Fallen.

I take a lot of heat because I am pretty open about the fact that I have no problem using what I was taught as a child although many- esp. survivors- view it as wrong. What they taught us is REAL and it WORKS but victims rarely ever appreciate this because they view it as part of the devil worshipers that tortured us and they generally do everything they can to separate themselves from them, and rightly so. But what they opened up in me as a child didn’t go away when my training stopped but rather grew in strength as I aged and at one point I figured I was going to be the Anti-Christ one day anyway, so I came to the conclusion that it didn’t matter what I did. So I found a way to master what they taught me as a child.

You have to understand- there was never, at any point in my life, a time where I looked forward too and desired to become the Anti-Christ. In fact, because I was so convinced it was going to happen and so against it that I spent a majority of my early life pouring over scripture and then into other world religions in order to find a way out of my fate but funny enough- not one of them has anything where it talks about what to do if you are supposed to be the Anti-Christ but don’t want the job.

As a child I was taught about energy and how to manipulate it through focus and perception. Magic- what most consider sorcery- is instinctual in me and always has been because of what I went through as a child, but my focus became less of a question of whether it was good or bad but rather it became an issue that I couldn’t turn it off. Like I said- what they opened within me as a child didn’t go away but instead got stronger with time, and because of my training, for the most part it was completely destructive by nature. In the end, I had no choice but to deal with it.

My decision to embrace Shamanism was made because it was the ONLY thing that was able to help me reign in and control what was happening with me. Shamanism is NOT New Age nor is it, in any way, connected to devil worship. It is, in fact, the first spiritual practice of mankind- before ANY OTHER RELIGION, and it has been found in EVERY culture throughout the ENTIRE world. In all honesty, shamanism not only saved my life- it saved my soul.

In the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus Christ, during the last supper, began by saying that the kingdom of Heaven is not found within buildings of wood and stone but rather it resides within us and all around us. He goes further to say “Split a piece a wood and you will find me. Lift and stone and I will be there”. This is fundamental to the practice of Shamanism. And in a warped and completely distorted way, this was also part of the basis of my Luciferian training.

Life is energy, and that energy can be influenced and manipulated. Luciferians are on the dark side- and shamans are exactly the opposite- same terms and playing field but vastly different perspectives and objectives.

But just because I am a practicing shaman doesn’t mean I am solely focused on the light.

As obsessed as I was with looking into how to not be the Anti-Christ, I was doubly obsessed with how to strike back at my abusers- and for a long time the love that should have been within my heart was replaced with a desperate need for retribution. For the most part, I was constantly consumed with frustration because even with all of my abilities I have because of my training, I couldn’t figure out a way to screw them in the way I wanted.

My therapist once told me that I had the worst case of survivor guilt that she had ever encountered, because my desire to hurt all of them was not based on what they did to me but on all of those little boys that were tortured to death in my childhood. I know, and have always known, the truth of what lies within their Luciferian hearts and I have always wanted to repay them for their lustful depravity in such a way that I felt was appropriate- but it wasn’t until after my 40th birthday that I figured out how to do it.

It was that December in 2006, after I did what I did finally helping Uriel, the entity they told me was within my father that did indeed come into me when my father died, finally get back into Heaven, that my prayers got answered. Actually it was after the Republican Party fell apart so hard for the first time ever that you had to keep a scorecard to keep up with the scandals that were hitting the media for about two weeks directly afterward that I was given the answer to my plight. On a shamanic journey, the words “I will come to you as a thief in the night” was repeated to me four times in a 30 minute time span. After some contemplation afterwards, it dawned on me what I had been shown.

In order to bring down this rich and power group of devil worshipers, I had to take away the power that was supporting and protecting them in the first place. Since their power derived from demons, and a major focus of my Luciferian training as a child was how to commune with demons and not be afraid of them, I figured I was just the person to do this. So I spent the next two years diligently seeking out the Fallen and helping each one of them back to Heaven. I gave them all the same choice- go to war with Heaven or be embraced back into Heaven, and every one of them took the latter.

This generally pisses a lot of people off, who are totally invested in this whole “lake of fire” bullshit and this concept of retribution, but let me assure you- our Father is not a hypocrite. We are told to love each other- this was one of the ONLY TWO COMMANDMENTS JESUS CHRIST GAVE US, the other- which is first, is to love God. It is pretty basic. So why would anyone believe that Heaven, which demands obedience that we love everything and everyone around us, would throw the Fallen into an eternal fire pit for standing against Heaven is beyond me. Heaven is ONLY about Love and Grace, so this whole concept is completely stupid as it would NEVER happen. Heaven simply doesn’t work that way.

Evil exists in this world because it is meant to test us and we are only able to be tested when we are in the trenches. But it also exists because we, the human race, have allowed it to flourish and honestly neither God nor Heaven has had anything to do with it. It has been our choice-as everything we have gone through collectively has been a result of what happened in the Garden of Eden and the consequences of being consistently disobedient. The Fallen claimed that they could turn human beings away from Heaven, and since we had already set ourselves up with our own disobedient behavior, all of Heaven wanted to see what would happen if the Fallen were given a chance- and now here we all are.

In fact, we have reached the end and now face our final test. Even the Luciferians believe that we are at a pivotal point- where we have reached the gates of Heaven- at the heart of Ophiuchus, and that the end is here right now in this exact space and time that we are in. But they also always told me that the war with Heaven would be won and that those camps would be up and running and in full force by the year 2015- when they were going to exterminate most and enslave the rest, but here we are now in 2016 and those 40,000 guillotines remain unused and all of those miles of plastic coffins remain empty, as do the camps. I am assuming that these Luciferian fools are finally figuring out that none of their plans are possible without demonic assistance and now that they don’t have that- all of their illusions of power and control have faded and are being replaced with a nightmare from which none of them are able to escape.

All of their shit is coming out, as foretold, as all that has been hidden is being cast out into the light. In other words, each of them is completely and utterly fucked. For the rest of us, the final test is simply this- when faced with abject evil- what will you do? Will you stand in the light of Heaven with love and compassion for everyone around you? Or will you go along with and embrace the darkness- for whatever reason, and do whatever whenever despite everything and everyone?

Now I just watched a video of this woman- who is a mother of 12 who looks and acts like a Kim Davis clone, walking through a store with a Bible held up in the air- preaching at everyone how evil and wrong this whole transgender bathroom thing is and she epitomizes what NOT to do. Each of us need to stop focusing on everyone else and begin to focus on ourselves and rest assured, you can talk as loud as you want but Heaven isn’t listening right now but rather is WATCHING.

We have 12 Commandants before us – the 10 given to us by Heaven and the 2 that Jesus gave us- which should actually be at the top of the list. Love God and love everyone else. Do anything else and you WILL be held accountable-period. And these commandments were given to us WITHOUT ANY CAVEOTS and we are expected to be obedient to these commandments with ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS OR EXCUSES.

All of Heaven is watching everything we are doing right now and we are all being judged accordingly. We are all within a spiritual evolution the likes of which has never happened before and Jesus nor anyone else is going to break from the clouds to save us but rather, we are all being called back into the light to face Heaven and all of this- everything that we know- is at an end. We have reached the time we were all told was going to happen- when the wheat is going to be separated from the chaff. And Heaven is solely focused on each of our behavior and personal decisions and doesn’t give on flying fuck what Tommy down the street is doing or what Suzy across town is guilty of. In the end- the focus will be completely on you- as each of us will honestly face ourselves in the light of Heaven.

The power of love is an energy that has its own vibration, and without this golden ticket, none of us will be able to catch a ticket on the train that is bearing down upon us. Thus we will be claimed by the dark that is about to engulf this plane of existence. Anyone who knows anything knows that love takes A LOT OF FUCKING WORK- Esp. in this day and age were the primary focus of these Luciferians, consistent from their very beginning, has been to create a living hell on Earth (and anyone who looks around can see what a stellar job they have done). Regardless though, love doesn’t just happen; it takes dedication and practice to grow compassion and empathy within ourselves in such a way to reach the proper vibration, and it doesn’t just happen and it certainly doesn’t happen just talking about it.

If you have questions as exactly to what to do, I suggest you all go read the instruction manual and read what Jesus Christ taught, as what he said is FLAWLESS. The Bible itself is inundated with so many lies that it is astounding- basically because it was created and given to us not by God but by the Fallen and their followers, but there are two pieces of absolute truth and are the ONLY TWO THINGS we should be concerned with right now- and these are the 10 Commandments and the two commandments and teachings of Jesus Christ. Adhering to and following these two things is the ONLY THING that is going to save any of us and it is only with a focus on love and Heaven that we can get through the days facing us.

The Fallen have all been embraced back into Heaven and now Heaven has prepared a New Earth for mankind to transcend to. Everything that is dying here is waking UP there, and it is a paradise the likes of which none of us can imagine. The best part about this whole next time around is that there will be absolutely NO SEPERATION from Heaven and there will be no veil. Heaven will totally interact with Mankind and the joy there is so pervasive that you breathe it in with each breath. It is an absolute paradise.

However, those lacking the proper vibration- who are more inclined to the dark and are disobedient to the 12 Commandments Heaven has dictated upon us, are to be enveloped in a Darkness that is completely separate from and lacking ANY light or attention from Heaven. This Darkness is worse than any hell you could even imagine, and the whole of your worst nightmares are but a collection of daydreams within it.

Within the first year of my delving into Shamanism, I was found by Our Mother- as Heaven has BOTH a Father AND Mother- as we were told “As Above, So Below”. Since everyone has a father AND a mother here, and it is the same way here as it is in Heaven- this only makes sense, although at first I was confused as the Luciferians I grew up with always referred to her as “our sister”. However, it wasn’t long before I realized that this had been yet another lie, and although she did in fact reside in the dark of the deep feminine, she wasn’t our sister- and she was NEVER asleep. In fact, it was Our Mother who ended up bringing me back to Our Father- as I HATED him at the time and blamed him for everything that had happened and would have never have sought him out directly myself, so it was amazing how it all worked out.

Anyway- the first time we connected, she instructed me to cast all of my hate and rage into this Darkness, and told me that I could cast whatever horrible spell I wanted too, at any time I chose, into this dark and that I wouldn’t be in trouble for doing so. It was this gift that saved me from my consuming hate and rage that I had as a result of what I had been through as I have been able to cast the absolute worst things within me into this place, freeing myself from the vast evil that dwelled within me as a result of my torture and abuse.

I have to be honest though- although I have spent decades creating and feeding this darkness, I personally have absolutely no conception of what it is really like- nor do I ever want too. The Luciferians wanted to be completely separate from God, and so in the end, that is exactly what they are getting. They also wanted Hell, and so I have worked my hardest to accommodate them- giving them the very best version I could think of. It even has a “devil”, for it was He who lives in the Dark that I gave possession of their souls too that they so eagerly and willingly gave ownership of to me when I was a child.

I figured since they are all convinced that they are gods, they shouldn’t have any problem marching into the middle of the darkness and reclaiming their souls from him. They like war- so I gave them one worthy of their efforts, and since they are all gods, they should have no troubles whatsoever.

The thing is though, right after I made my exchange, the Darkness gained a life of its own and although my focus had always been primarily on the devil worshiping cult of my childhood, after it claimed possession of their souls, the Darkness gained such a strength that it is now uncontrollably reaching out to claim ALL of the darkness, and that ESP. includes that which resides within each of us.

Actually, if you fear anything right now- YOU NEED TO FEAR THIS DARKNESS- because it is going to consume absolutely everything and I can assure each and every one of you that none of you want to ever find yourselves in this darkness, and it is coming upon us all incredibly fast. In fact, it is waiting just on the other side of their little CERN toy, because although these idiots thought they were going to use it to break into Heaven and claim it with their little war machine, it ain’t Heaven that they are about to break into and war with. And in the end, when all is said and done, all of this will happen by their OWN HAND and the fault will lie SOLELY on their shoulders.

For the rest of you-Love God, love everyone else, and do your best to emulate the teachings of Jesus Christ. With everything that is about to happen- this is your only option and needs to be your sole concern. There is no other choice. Each one of us will do this, or we will each be claimed by the same darkness that awaits these children killing, pedophilic, devil worshiping Luciferian idiots- Period- no arguments, no negotiations, no get out of jail free card. You all can either believe me or not- but either way it doesn’t change the facts of what is and whatever you decide, it is honestly absolutely no skin off my nose. But rest assured that the same cannot be said about each of you, because what each one of you does is most definitely going to affect the outcome of where each one of you end up, and what I am telling you is the truth. But by all means- do what you want.

In the end, as always, the choice is yours.

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