If I am Any Indication, It is No Wonder Why More Survivors Don’t Come Forward

Years ago, I came forward to try and find out any information I could about a man my father and step mother made me light on fire when I was 10- and since then, it has been nothing but constant attacks by a group of people who have done their best to discredit me in hopes that no one listens to what I am trying to say.

All of this began after I made two videos:

i need help in solving a murder/murders


the reason why i still need help in solving a murder

After releasing these videos, the “sponge site” Franklinfiles,net was set up and its head- Rachel Bengly- whose father was a Hells Angel that was murdered, contacted me on YouTube and that is basically when the attacks began. (A sponge site is one that is developed to draw in victims, extract as much info as they can- at which point they turn on the victim and do their best to trash them and everything that they are saying).

Since then, I have had to constantly defend myself against the satanic founder of the Satanic Temple- Doug Misicko aka Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves and his band of pedophile protectors. Now they claim I am wrong for calling them this- but they go out of their way to attack every victim of childhood sex abuse- calling them liars and defending their abusers. In fact- there is not ONE CASE where they have done otherwise. So how are they NOT defending pedophiles and child rapists?

They have written blog articles about me, have used my YouTube videos to try and trash me, and have created COUNTLESS memes- all the while claiming that I am totally insignificant and that no one is listening to me.

The thing is- their leader Doug is well known to be associated with a Satanist in Oklahoma that is a convicted sexual predator and has to remain on the predator registry for the rest of his life- his best friend Shane Bugbee is a pornography film maker- and Doug has pictures exposing his privates all over the web- after pulling out his wang in front of the media. Doug will say that he doesn’t know Adam B. Daniels but let me remind everyone that this $100,000 eight foot statue of the devil that Doug had made was supposed to be displayed in Oklahoma- where Daniels lives.

It was supposed to stand right beside the 10 Commandments at their state capital- but Oklahoma decided to remove those rather than let this atrocity stand next to it.

They claim there has been no cover up- but after I met Det. John Pankonin, who worked in the cold case division at the Nebraska State Patrol- and demanded that he take my DNA and compare it to the DNA that was left in the Ricky Chadek murder in Omaha- his SISTER showed up at a failed book reading that I experienced at McFoster’s in town.

This isn’t hard to prove, as I threw a small conference where my sister and I spoke and I have her on video- as she was there.

(My sis, who is friend’s with Julie, tells me she is his cousin and not his sister).

So why did the detective’s sister suddenly appear in my life after I demanded that my DNA be taken? Was it just a coincidence? I don’t think so- as there are way too many of them with this mess.

People are always asking me where they should start looking into this- and I have begun telling people that if they want to know those who were involved- they need to take a look at the guest list a the inauguration party that George Bush Sr. threw after he was elected president the first time- The one that Larry King Jr. sang at- (Larry King Jr. being the guy who went to jail for bilking $40 million from the Franklin Credit Union).

Two people who attended that party are Jerry Sandusky and Joe Paterno- and I have a distinct feeling that there were MANY MORE people of interest at that party. So far- as far as I know- this guest list has never been released, but if it was- I think it would be a good place to start investigating.

The thing is that Doug and his CIA group of pedophile protectors knows how scared victims of this crap are- and they are using me and their constant campaign to attack me to prevent anyone from coming forward. Victims see what I have had to endure- and, not wanting to go through the same- remain quiet.

In other words, they are using their constant attacks on me to keep others from coming forward. It isn’t hard to figure out.

Personally- I don’t much care. I know what I was trained to do- I know that it works, and I have been using it for quite some time now. Doug will tell everyone that I am crazy- that calling myself a shaman is ridiculous as well as impossible- although anyone who checks out Michael Harner and his book “Way of the Shaman” can see that ANYONE can learn this skill. Doug will proclaim over and over that he has no faith and then go out of his way to trash anyone who claims they do- but this says WAY more about him than it does the people he is trying to trash, in my opinion.

Misicko, who changed his name for obvious reasons (can you understand how hard it must have been growing up as a child with a name that- broken down- is ME SICKO, esp. considering that his face is deformed? Children can be cruel and I have a feeling this is why this guy has such a chip on his shoulder), is telling everyone I am a liar and that everything I am saying is crazy- but not only was he not there when I was going through what I did but HE WASN’T EVEN BORN THEN. But HE and his friends KNOW- and I, like EVERY OTHER VICTIM WHO HAS COME FORWARD, am nothing but a deranged liar.

No one has been able to withstand their hate campaigns- and the only reason I have is because I was trained to do so incredibly well. He will say that my claim that I was electronically harassed by microwave based weapons is nothing but insanity- while completely avoiding the fact that Sarah Kershaw, a NY Times journalist- was just murdered for investigating this very subject. She wrote:

“For people who regularly visit and write on message boards on the mind-control sites, the idea that others would describe the sites as promoting delusional and psychotic thinking is simply evidence of a cover-up of the truth.” She was murdered for investigating our governments use of “non-lethal” weapons that psychologically affect people and keeps them from sleeping.

However, Misicko (Satanist Lucien Greaves), will go all over the internet claiming that these claims are crazy and that all their claims are nothing but a lie. Of course- his best friend Shane Bugbee has said that Misicko is directly connected to the CIA, so what does anyone expect?

Doug Misicko aka Doug Mesner aka satanic leader Lucien Greaves is obviously a liar and he and his group are totally threatened by what I have been doing for the past 15 years. If not, why would they work so hard to try and discredit me? I mean- creating blogs, YouTube videos, and memes galore show that I am not as inconsequential as he claims, as why would so much effort be made to discredit someone if they were so insignificant? Their actions show them to be liars- every time around.

But I am starting to realize that their objective is not so much about me but rather is trying to prevent the millions of us out here from coming forward. They are in hopes that if victims see what I have had to go through, they will think twice before coming forward and bringing this mess into their lives. It is nothing more than a manipulative game with protecting pedophiles and child rapists as the goal.

Look around- judging by how many of our elite who have been accused of raping children and how they NEVER face jail time- you can see that it is working. And, in the end, ALL OF YOU made this possible. Not speaking up for victims, not getting involved to stop the abuse- what they have done has ONLY been made possible because none of you will get involved. No one will stand to stop it- and those of us who try are usually alone- with the rest of the world sitting on the sidelines watching.

This world isn’t only of their making- we have done plenty to let it happen. And as of right now- this is still happening. Children are being sold, tortured, raped, and murdered in mass as society sits watching. Despite everything we know to be a fact- you all still choose not to get involved.

Worst of all, a part of me thinks that society is being entertained by this, which is all fine and good I guess, until- of course- they come for YOUR children. At which point- you will all discover that this horrible situation isn’t the reality television you considered it to be- esp. when you discover that there will be NO ONE to help you. Of course- by then it will be too late, MUCH TOO LATE.

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