Actually, the Internet is a Great Place for Victims but You Just Have to be Smart About It

After the McMartan fiasco in the 90’s, our government enmeshed themselves with anything and everything that had to do with ritual abuse and child rape so they could control the complete narrative to keep it from every getting out again. So, they not only formed the False Memory Syndrome Foundation and such, but they also set up groups that would attract survivors (as they were WELL aware that they really did exist and that eventually they would have to go SOMEPLACE) and this not only included hosting national conferences for survivors but also included completely infiltrating the internet.

Our government, doing its best to hide this whole child trafficking thing that was reported to go straight to the first Bush White House in the 80’s, became systematic in drawing out and containing anyone who would be bold enough to talk about their experiences and have become experts in the art of threats and intimidation.

Have NO doubt- our government minions are out in force trying to find victims and shut them up- and this is ESPECIALLY true on the internet. However, I have found that the internet is one of the SAFEST places to be if you are, indeed, a victim.

Now the question is- why would our government seek out victims of abuse? This is a good question- but I have an even better answer- and that is because each and every one of us is an expert on our abuse and our government knows that if we were ever to start talking in mass, people would actually listen.

That is why there has been this push by the government to isolate all of us and keep us apart because we are easier to control this way. Each of our stories validates everyone else, and when looked at as a whole, considering the details are so incredibly similar- it is impossible to dismiss us all as liars, lunatics, or attention seekers, and our government knows this.

Each victim has a unique perspective to this whole sordid ordeal and each of us have a key to opening the doors to expose this pedophile mess- and although most of us suffer from low self-esteem as a result of our history- just because we don’t think we are important does IN NO WAY NEGATE the fact that others might not feel the same. As the old saying goes- “just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean that they aren’t out to get you”. And they are- I assure you THEY ARE.

They are doing their best to make the internet a scary place in order to intimidate victims into getting them to remove themselves from online. The reason for this is because the predators know that the internet is the perfect place to get our expertise out there and get it to reach a wider audience.

Their whole hold on us as children was manipulating our fear and isolating us and they are simply repeating what they have always done and pretty much the ONLY thing they are capable of doing. Thus, they become these vampires- esp. online, seeking out any and all information they can use to control their objectives- and victims are buying right into it. Why? Because it is human nature to gravitate towards what we know rather than embracing the unfamiliar- which is why a child will almost always choose to go back to a home that is horrible rather than face the unknown.

But very few of us are children anymore- and so they only have the power they do because we WILLINGLY give it to them.

Studies have shown that chat forums are the most dangerous place to be for a victim- or really anyone. There are groups of people ACTIVELY searching for people’s private information- and on these chat forums, the general rule is that it only takes them 10 MINUTES to get you to give them all your info. Not only that- but 1-5 will meet these people in person within 6 months.

THEY are ALSO experts in what they do- and these people are VERY adept at achieving their goals- and although they may seem nice and friendly and loving and caring- their SOLE objective is to do their best to fuck you up in as many ways as they can. PERIOD.

Think about it- if you were out and about and some stranger came up to you out of nowhere in public and started trying to get your personal info- you name, phone number, address- etc.- what would you do? You all would probably get away from them as fast as you could. So why is it any different on the internet- where you can’t even SEE the person you are speaking with? It is just common sense to keep this information to yourself and not share it with strangers- and this DEFINITELY means on the internet.

What if someone just came up to you out of the blue and told you that they loved you and tried to hand you a stuffed animal? Would you take this gift from a complete stranger and tell them that you love them too? Obviously not- so why are so many of us finding this as something okay to do online? What is causing us to believe that people we can’t see and don’t know are safer than those we meet out in public?

I know these scenarios seem strange- but these are the EXACT TYPES OF THINGS that are happening right now to victims. The problem is- once they open the doors to these people, they are exposing themselves to dangerous situations with dangerous people. These predators are very manipulative- as soon as have the upper hand- they always use your private personal info to control you.

They isolate their victims and work hard to get them to cut away from all the people who would actually help them. They establish themselves as leaders and demand that others follow them and then go out their way to hurt anyone who might want to break away. They will get you fired; they will ruin your relationships, and will go to ANY and ALL lengths to get you back into line. People like Menagerie- who ingratiated herself into survivor support Ivory Garden founder Lori King’s life- even rose to the aspect of murder, showing that these people are capable of anything.

The internet connects all of us- and it gives each of us a voice- and the powers that be want to destroy this first and foremost. So they are doing their best to seek us out online in order to reign us all back in, and very effectively I might add. But again- WE have the real power.

Getting your info out into the world not only helps you and other survivors but it proverbially gives the finger to those who have hurt us. If you have someone who is threatening you- or trying to control what you do or say- take it public and announce it on the internet. This group HATES exposure- and using the internet to call them out has a tendency to make them back off as a whole. This is the main reason why the internet is one of the safest places for victims to be- and why it is such a powerful tool that helps us regain our lives back. Don’t let any of these pathetic bozos take that away from any of you.

I have been on the internet for years and have always felt safe on it, but then- I find that applying common sense to my internet activities helps with that. Yes, I have been attacked, insulted, and berated- but this group of victim bashers are only good at CERTAIN manipulations and don’t seem to handle direct confrontation too effectively. This can be true for all of us- we just have to be smart about it.

So if someone you don’t know tries to get your personal info right off the bat- chances are they don’t have the best intentions for you. If they are telling you that they love you- or are trying to send you presents out of the blue- chances are the strings attached to those gifts are going to eventually be wrapped around your neck in order to control you and so it is best to decline.

If getting something is what you need- then by all means- GO BUY YOURSELF SOMETHING. But never, never, NEVER take candy from strangers- this is true for all of us and is not only something we should tell children, and it is incredibly sound advice that we should all remember when on the internet.

These people- like this transvestite Menagerie, who is actively seeking out female victims- are trying to buy your lives with stuffed animals and other trash-but in the end, your life doesn’t mean squat to them, so don’t let yourself sell yourself out- esp. at such a low price, unless- or course- you want to end up like Lori King.

So stay on the internet- keep relating your experiences in public, but remember that the world on the internet is just as dangerous if not worse than the real world- and if you wouldn’t interact on a deeply personal level with strangers in public- then you shouldn’t be engaging in the same types of behavior on the internet either.

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