A Word About this Concept of “White Privilege”

I want to say a few words about this concept of “white privilege” and correct a few misconceptions that are being had with this whole racial issue. This term came from people who don’t have a clue what it is to be white, and know as much about the subject as I do knowing what it is like to be black. It is just based on opinion and not a whole lot of fact.

Yes, I am white- but I am also poor and disabled. I receive a little over $700 a month and I get a bit over $100 in food stamps. Basically- I don’t make enough to live on, and I always- at the end of the month- have to worry about how I am going to eat. There are others- most esp. a myriad of wounded soldiers- of all different races- who are faring far less well than me- and so I just deal with what I can. But there is no privilege in being white.

In fact, truth be told, being white actually disqualifies me from a huge amount of programs. My sister is experiencing this national land grab for trailer courts and is facing losing a home she has almost paid off like the 100,000 other people- again- all races- who are experiencing the same in their courts throughout the nation- but she can’t qualify for help because she is the wrong color. So again- where is this “white privilege” people are ranting about?

Now I am not saying that racism doesn’t exist and that whites haven’t been extremely oppressive in our history, and I agree that there has been a white privilege that was honored for as long as the day is long in the past- but those days are quickly coming to an end.

I had my first real lesson in racism the day when I was around 27 and I and a good friend of mine, who happened to be black- were going to go swimming in a West Omaha apartment complex’s swimming pool- an area that was predominantly white at the time. On the way there, John looked at me and told me that the minute he showed up- the whole pool would clear- and I assured him that we were beyond that and that he was mistaken.

No more than 5 minutes after we entered, the entire pool was empty- although there had been at least 10 people swimming when we showed up. I was shocked, although at the time I have to admit that I didn’t see the severity of the situation being caught up in the joy of having the entire pool to ourselves. Regardless, I wanted to see if it was fluke and decided to see if it would happen again.

So John and I once again headed to the pool a few days later- and low and behold- the SAME result, all within a 5-10 minutes time span. This time- there were a couple families with kids in the mix- and yet they all left immediately after our arrival.

This had a change on me- and opened my eyes in a way they hadn’t before. But in this society, as bad as it is to be of color and it IS bad, it doesn’t negate the fact that being poor and white isn’t without its serious conflicts as well.

Our media focuses on the police killing black men and woman constantly- but statistically, white people are being killed at higher numbers- and Native American deaths top the list. Our society is being slaughtered in vast numbers and yet we are simply focused on one race that it is happening too, and it seems like a total manipulation.

Black lives matter? This is a hard concept for me to get coming from the black community when I grew up in Omaha Nebraska, which was recently rated the absolute worst place in America to live if you are black. Why? Because the black community is slaughtering itself in astronomical numbers there, as it is not uncommon to see a myriad of murders in a week, and so it seems that black lives matter unless you are part of the black community- and then it is a free for all.

However, although this is true, I must say that the most telling example of the difference between the black community in Omaha compared to the rich white community there- and the emphasis is on RICH-is when you consider that at the same year every senior at Westside got a free lap top computer- North High- in a predominantly black community- only had 30 computers for the entire school, and many of them were dilapidated.

Our leaders and our elite are good at destroying hope- but although they may have started in the black communities- these methods of operation have evolved to include everyone they see as vulnerable, and that has extended to include all of the poor- and there is ABSOLUTELY NO race preference. Unless you are one of them- you can pretty much consider that there is a huge target on your ass and that it is only a matter of time.

Black lives matter. White lives matter. Blue lives matter. When I finally looked at it I realized that the base cause of these movements is that the problem is that NO ONES LIFE FUCKING MATTERS. That is why we are all yelling that each our lives matter- because, in the scope of things, we are all afraid that none of our lives really matter in the least.

Death and destruction are all around us. We watch it on television, we see it out in the world- and most of us spend our lives trying to avoid the thought of it. America- Israel- ISIS- etc. none of them are any better than the other as they are all cut from the same cut of cloth. Every nation- every government- seems to have become intensely imperialistic- and they are all now fighting for world domination- as the rest of us suffer as a result.

Each of our lives DO matter- EVERY ONE OF OUR LIVES- but none of our lives matter more than the rest. Each of us are important and each of us matter- but we are stronger when we help each other rather than hurt each other. We all PROFOUNDLY need each other and this division and argument about race and religion is quickly becoming insignificant.

We are in a 6th level extinction event, and if anyone doesn’t believe that isn’t going to extend to the human species is deluding themselves. We are all about to face some incredibly difficult times and it doesn’t make any difference what skin color any of us have, we are all going to need to work together to survive and persevere through the upcoming events that are coming down the tracks.

If I could start a slogan- it would be HUMANITY MATTERS. Decency, compassion, honor- all of these would become focus issues and help each of us to help each other strive to find and walk a higher path.

But what we are fighting now has transcended from being a racial issue and has become one about oppression for the whole of humanity. People are crying out against the idea of a redistribution of wealth but we have already been experiencing that for some time now- as our elite has redistributed the entire WORLD’S wealth into their own coffers. The wealth has ALREADY been redistributed so what humanity requires now is a REVERSAL of that.

We are all fighting each other because there are so few resources left now- and we- white, black, Mexican, Latino, Asian, Christian, Jew, Muslim- WHATEVER device they have used to divide us from each other- are all at each other’s throats as a result of this. But it isn’t about race, or even religion, really- it is about deprivation and oppression and the fact that the whole of humanity is getting a serious taste of it right now. And why is this happening? Well, because we have a small global 1% of humanity that has acquired almost 98% of the world’s wealth for them and solely them- and have intentionally and deliberately caused the worlds suffering as a result.

Considering that fact- I think it would behoove each of us to realize that if everyone in the world decided to do a redistribution of wealth and only focused on this small number of people, we would have the resources to fix the world’s problems 4 or 5 times over and besides-this group in its entirety has proven to everyone that not one of them can be trusted with such affluence and be trusted not to use it to the detriment of humanity as a whole.

All of us are suffering; despite what race or religion we happen to be. The whole lot of us are poor, struggling, and stressed- and most of all SCARED of what may lie in the future. Most of us feel isolated and alone and would just rather turn away rather than be overwhelmed by the entirety of chaos that has enveloped the world and we go from angry to depressed as a result of that struggle to ignore the obvious. And none of this has anything to do with what color we are but is rather just part of the human condition.

But each of us has to realize that all of this has been done INTENTIONALLY to EVERY ONE of us. But we also need to realize that it is all an illusion- just as is the division that is between us when it comes to the color of our skin or what our faith is. The problem isn’t ANY of us- the problem is THEM- this one percent of our global population who has claimed VIRTUALLY EVERYTHING for themselves. We all suffer not because of anything any of us have done- despite any and all of our differences- but instead is because of this small group of greedy, maniacal, and self over indulgence fucks who have driven humanity and everything else to the brink of destruction. THEY are the problem- NOT any of us.

So keep this in mind when you all start arguing this whole race issue and realize that there is a much bigger picture happening and that the real issue we are facing is that the HAVES want to exterminate and dispose of the HAVE NOTS, who they refer to as “eaters and breeders”- which was a phrase I was taught as a child.

But have no doubt- when it comes right down to it, considering that they have all the money and power- you can sure as hell bet that our illustrious elites ALSO think that THEIR lives matter- in fact theirs are the ONLY ONES that do. And in the end, after all, we all just look alike to them anyway- so what difference will it ever make to them.

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