Seemingly More Games from the Pedophile Protection Squad


Hello Dave, thank you for taking some time to consider my questions. I
know you are extremely concerned about the growth of pedophilic crime
we see today and I share that concern. I am a retired artist who was
asked to work with a multi-agency group in the 1990’s that was looking
for ways to train police forces to investigate pedophilic and other
ritual crimes more effectively. I was an activist in the home-school
movement who wrote curriculum plans to help families meet state
education requirements. My work put me in a position to notice
patterns that interested Capt. White, who was in charge of the
training group. Neil Brick wanted his group, S.M.A.R.T. , to be
included in the training program on a professional footing equal to
the various police agencies that were participating. That did not go
over very well. I am working on a history of what happened between
Brick’s group and Capt. White as part of a larger study of the
organized pedophilia problem and its growth in the last 25 years. Any
factual account you can give me about Neil Brick’s contacts with Capt.
White will be very helpful. 🙂


Hey Denise,

Capt. White was before me- I attended the SMART conference after- but I can tell you that after you sent me the info about the situation and I published it- Brick had a melt down. He claimed that he didn’t know White- and that he was not involved in any way. I was concerned after you told me that Brick was working with the cult and helping to get survivors back into the sex trade- and went after Brick pretty hard. In the end- he turned most of the survivor community leaders against me and they ended up writing a letter of recommendation for Brick which they all signed. I have come to the conclusion- knowing what I do of Brick and his argument with Doug Mesner/satanist Lucien Greaves- that they are working hand in hand with each other and that this whole thing was a set up to set Brick apart from the satanists. Brick has done HUGE damage to the survivor community- when the NATRC was first started- we had over 300 members- but Brick- SINGLE HANDEDLY- drove everyone away- and now it is totally defunct. At the time there was a core group of us who debated whether he has Asperger Syndrome- but I think that this was done intentionally, He lied about knowing White- completely denied what you told me- but this does not surprise me- as I was constantly catching him in lies all the time. I think that Brick is a plant- and that he is working IN LEAGUE with the cult and not against them- and that his whole SMART conference was to draw survivors out. He was trying to set himself up as the LEADER of the survivor community- but now that has become impossible. He got involved with Survivorship- and now they don’t even have a board from what I understand. However- SMART is fading away. He has done so much damage to so many people that he can’t get more than 50 people to attend his conference anymore- and most just ignore him now. When I went to talk at the SMART conference- which I did twice- Brick would say my experiences are “alleged” and he went out of his way to promote Nick Bryant- who is doing his best to control the narrative of the Franklin Credit scandal which happened in Omaha. They are working IN LEAGUE with each other- as I said. Brick and I hate each other- I can’t stand the prick- excuse my language- and I certainly was not going to follow him across the street- let alone anywhere else. I ended up taking down my posts about him and White- after great pressure from the survivors I knew. Interesting thing though- he never really dealt with my accusations- but rather did his best to try and trash me personally to prevent anyone from listening to me. I am not surprised that Brick wanted to be treated as an equal- as his job is to infiltrate and trash anything that helps the survivors. He did his best to trash Ivory Garden- the ONLY REAL survivor support group that exists- and went out of his way to try and keep Felicity from having a conference. Didn’t work- but he tried- HARD. White also investigated the Columbine shooting from what I understand- and that is what got him killed. (I don’t believe that he “fell” down a flight of stairs by himself. Brick is a bad guy as far as I can see- and I am glad that his time of influence has come to an end in the survivor community.

I hope this helps. I am sorry that I can’t offer more- but if you have any more questions- please feel free to ask. I am sorry that it has taken me so long to get back to you. I think that the work you are doing is VITAL to survivors safety and if I can offer any assistance- please don’t hesitate to ask.


Hi, TY for the quick reply. I’m curious about Brick’s meltdown after
seeing your posts about Capt. White. I saw the posts in your blog
shortly before contacting you in Facebook. Can you tell me the dates?
And would it be possible to copy me some of Brick’s remarks?

As far as Columbine is concerned, I’m pretty sure Capt. White was not
investigating that. It was too close to the time he died and his
training was with State Police forensics. His investigations were
within professional parameters. One of the problems we all face with
the “survivor community” is that they are for the most part
unprofessional, thus unaware of the rules that agencies follow, and
they are often so emotionally invested in their own experience that
they are willing to speculate about cases and are prone to unrealistic
conspiracy theories. In fact, it was not Brick himself who presented
an obstacle to the training group’s work, but this more general
problem of professional boundaries and practices.

Take Mesner, for example. When he was working for the Boston Examiner,
he followed very professional guidelines as a journalist, which
prevented his interest in neopagan satanic ideas from compromising his
work. But when the Boston Examiner refused to back him up against
Brick, he lost the professional structure that he’d depended on, and
so he apparently sacrificed his own career to go into this satanic
religious stuff. I’m not dismissing your thoughts about cults and
conspiracies. These things are real, but they serve mostly to distract
and disinform. Ultimately, what matters is not who conspired but who
took action. That cannot be discovered by speculating about cults and

You say White was before your time, but apparently he was still being
talked about. That interests me. I’d like to know more about that.
Another thing: Bobbi Gagne. Does her name ring a bell with you? She
was a member of S.M.A.R.T. who was involved with White on some
speaking engagements in the late 90’s. Can you tell me anything about



No, I didn’t keep Brick’s remarks- personally cause I didn’t care. They were all defensive- along with personal attacks on me- and I didn’t bother to get involved. Do your research- google my name and Bricks- it might come up. I took my stuff down- I think Brick did too. But personally I have better things to involve myself in.

As far as being too emotionally involved- thanks but your wrong. John DeCamp was the investigator into Columbine. I know this for a fact because I had all 8 boxes of his files on Columbine in my dining room and was able to look through them. White may have been there on his own volition- I can’t say. Again- nor did I care. But I am well aware of Columbine- have gone and spent two weeks in Denver myself- and met with many of the people. I find that cults and conspiracies are real- the Catholic Church is a perfect example of a large scale conspiracy. Funny- those involved- like Cardinal Pell- also use your argument that the info that people know are meant to distract and disinform. However- in my opinion- their lies are more of a distraction and disinfo than the victims and what they have to say. The reason why these type of situations are allowed to go on is because of arguments like the one you just presented. Believe the accused- not the victims.

Mesner is NOT professional. He and Brick are cut from the same cut of cloth. They both are ego maniacs who believe they are smarter than everyone else. He lies- just like Brick. And his best friend Shane Bugbee has said that he is working for the CIA. He is obsessed with sex- and can’t do shit without the support of his friends. He and his friends- and I am talking about Mesner- attack like wolves- anyone they think might be vulnerable. And the brainiac built an 8 ft devil statue that not only do people don’t want- but he has to hide because so many want to destroy it. All to get media attention. Along with pulling his dick out in front of cameras and getting it all over the web. It is sad and so are both Brick and Mesner. But I find it interesting that you have so much respect for him. You even sound as if you are making him into a victim.

I have answered your questions- however- this last email has confirmed what I already expected. I am not aware of any Bobbie- so I have no info on that.

Thanks for your interest- but I think that we are done now. I know I am.


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