Crowdfunding Campaign for Fiona Barnett

Fiona Barnett is an Australian who has been incredibly active supporting victims of child abuse in her country and has been an
active voice in victims rights in her country. She was the victim who brought charges against Anthony Kidman- Nicole Kidman’s father- which resulted in his suicide two months later. She has been on the national media in Australia and has worked extensively for getting justice to other victims of child abuse.

She now has the opportunity to fly to the US and speak at the national 2016 Seattle Trauma and Dissociation Conference- which can be found… October 7-11, 2016. She is also meeting with a professional film maker from LA to work on a joint documentary with David Shurter- who is a victim of child abuse in the United States. She is planning on coming for the month of October- and the money will be used to pay for her airfare and for her lodging.

Money for the plane ticket is needed asap- as earlier bookings are cheaper- and the rest will be used during her stay in America.

Fiona is a powerful voice for the victims of child sexual abuse and ritual abuse, and coming to America will effectively bring the issues of child abuse of Australia and connect them to the same types of issues in the United States. Having a chance to speak to clinicians,survivors, and survivor advocates- will help in educating everyone to the serious issues of global child abuse that pervades our world. Her speaking at the 2016 Trauma and Dissociation Conference will help clinicians understand how victims are able to break their mind control programming as well as helping other survivors find a voice and have hope for healing. This is an amazing opportunity for everyone- and will give the chance to change the scope of these problems through education and her sharing her personal journey, enlightening and giving hope to all those who are facing the same sort of issues.

However, this will not be possible without each of your generous help and support. This is an amazing opportunity- not just for Fiona Barnett- who will be able to share her knowledge and personal experience- but for all those who are able to hear and learn from her.

Thank you for each of you who choose to help- and it is our hope that we quickly reach our goal so that all of this will be able to go

Check out her first documentary on YouTube…


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