A “Veiled” Threat Sent to Me This Easter

I personally think this is Doug Mesner/satanist Lucien Greaves. It certainly is his writing style- and I have been dealing with this idiot for years so I recognize his style. The previous part of this conversation in the previous post…

Denise Matteau

10:34 AM (58 minutes ago)

to me
Well, I hope you enjoyed your little tantrum. I never said that cults
and conspiracies are not real. I also did not say that Columbine was
not real. You said that you were told that my colleague Tom White was
killed because he was investigating Columbine. I know for a fact that
he was not involved in any such investigation. As for Mesner, it is a
fact that he was working as a professional journalist for a recognized
news journal before he went so far into his satanic practice that he
became something disgusting. I know also that he was involved in a
satanic group before he left the Examiner and this was worrisome
because he was beginning to confront the facts about White’s death and
several other related cases. Mesner’s work as a journalist on that
case was professionally objective in spite of his beliefs, cult
practices, whatever you want to call them. I don’t respect him at all.
He faced the facts about the murder of Tom White and abandoned his own
humanity rather than complete his work as a journalist.

If you are still reading, consider this: A parachutist is confronting
the force of gravity. Gravity will kill him if he screws up. But he
does not think about gravity. He thinks about the wind, the height and
speed of the aircraft, and he times his jump and his movements
accordingly. If he pays attention to gravity, he screws up and gravity
kills him. If he ignores gravity but pays attention to his own
actions, he lives and gravity doesn’t matter. As it is with gravity,
so it is with cults. They are real and they are deadly to those who
throw themselves at them without any intelligent skills or
preparation. But to those who equip themselves properly and then jump,
cults and gravity don’t matter.

Think long and hard about the seriousness of Brick, Mesner, and that
entire death cult that is based in Massachusetts (altho certainly
national in scope) and feel free to renew this conversation anytime.CaptureCapture2Capture3

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