Forget Hampstead in the UK- Let’s Talk About Shirley Oaks

This was published yesterday on Facebook by one of the Hampstead Trolls about Fiona Barnett and I wanted to deal with what is being said.


First of all, none of these accusations are true. Fiona Barnett is a REAL survivor- who brought charges against Anthony Kidman- Nichole Kidman’s father- who was one of her main handlers into her MKUltra training- and it was this action that caused Anthony Kidman to commit suicide rather than face what he had done. Burton says she and her group are the only REAL survivor advocates- but what have any of them done? The people that she claims Fiona is associated with are working DIRECTLY with the bad side in an attempt to make all of these allegations go away- and there is ABSOLUTELY NO PROOF that Fiona has anything to do with any of these people. Burton and her group of pedophile protectors will say that they have proof- but they don’t EVER show it. They just say whatever they think that they can think of to try and discredit Fiona and survivors like her- and they ALWAYS set themselves up as the more superior ones.

Also, Fiona can’t control who gives her money on her Gofundme account. Burton says all the people who have contributed to her campaign are bad- that they are all pedophiles- but again- no proof is offered. Even if they DID have proof- which they don’t- it is absolutely NO REFLECTION on Fiona- and if there are bad people making donations- chances are this is being done ON PURPOSE in order to try and prevent others from contributing. Burton and the group she is representing will say anything in order to silence real survivors of childhood abuse while trying to set themselves up as the true champions- but what have ANY of them done? Have any charges been brought forward? We can see that Fiona Barnett HAS brought charges against her abusers- but what has this group done- other than round up and control survivors? They have done their best to silence survivors- and now- she is claiming that the allegations in the UK and in Australia have been proved to be false. AND THIS IS THE GROUP WHO IS SUPPORTING SURVIVORS? You will know a tree by its fruits- and theirs are rotted and distasteful.

This group is SOLELY focused on the Hampstead case- where two children came forward speaking about their horrible abuse- but they are FAR from the only ones who have come forward. If you listen to this group- esp. on their little Hoaxstead Research website- the only case before the UK is Hampstead- but it isn’t- and try as they might to make Hampstead out to be the UK’s version of McMartain- the case in the US that closed down every other investigation into an organized group of pedophiles into ritual child abuse- it won’t work. And this ISN’T the only case in the UK. In fact- the case that is hitting the UK hard ISN’T the Hampstead case- which is the ONLY case they are focused on- but rather, it is the case of Shirley Oaks.

Shirley Oaks was a home for children where horrific abuse of children ALSO happened. They have a website….

This is the description of who they are and what they represent….

Shirley Oaks Survivors Association

Hundreds of people who have suffered abuse at the hands of a Lambeth Children’s Home have formed an action group (Shirley Oaks Survivors Association) which aims to get justice for the many that have been sexually, mentally and physically abused whilst in the supposed care of Lambeth Social Services. The abuse suffered at The Shirley Oaks Children’s Home over a period of years dating from the 1950s to 1983 was the catalyst for the endemic sexual abuse that later spread across the UK.

7000 children passed through the gates of Shirley Oaks, which was situated on a site which was approximately 70 acres in size, complete with its own school, swimming pool, works depot and a doctor’s surgery. For most vulnerable children aged between 2 -14 years, it was easy to believe they had been sent to an outpost of heaven. Lush green fields surrounded the village style setting with houses branching off the enclosed ring road which for many would end up being a road paved to hell.

Whether you suffered abuse or not was a lottery depending on which house you were sent to – your fate was sealed. Behind the closed doors of a Victorian style care system was a Victorian style ethos. Children should be seen and not heard and can be abused and not listened to. In the early sixties this seemingly picturesque environment became a breeding ground for predators as they drove their cars around offering sweets and other inducements looking to seduce their vulnerable prey.

The Shirley Oaks Survivors Association (SOSA) is a support group that has been set up to listen and document the accounts of those who have suffered or witnessed a variety of horrific abuse whilst in care in Lambeth Children’s Homes.

Acclaimed author Alex Wheatle, a victim of abuse whilst in the Lambeth Care system states, ‘We have been forced to form this group because of the failures to take our allegations seriously. We would like to see those who have committed these crimes and those who have failed in their care of duty to extremely vulnerable children, to be made responsible and accountable for their abject neglect’.

This group of survivors got together and did a video entitled “Don’t Touch It. It’s Mine”, in order to bring awareness of what happened to the lot of them when they were in this “children’s home of horrors” and that link can be found here….

And they are getting a lot of attention… like this link will show….

So when you consider this- Burton’s assumption that all the claims into the ritual abuse of children have been disproved and are over are OBVIOUSLY false. And saying this- while also claiming that she and her group are the only real advocates is nothing but deceptive.

In Australia- the claims have not been diminished either. Cardinal Pell- who just went before the Royal Commission in Australia- didn’t claim that the orchestrated abuse of children didn’t happen but that he didn’t care enough to get involved with stopping it- although he is THIRD in charge of the Vatican. But comedian Tim Minchin and his video Come Home (Cardinal Pell) shows that this issue is far from over. As of this morning- his video has gotten 1,377,063 hits already, which shows that people are AWARE of the lies being told. The link to this video is here…

In America- these issues are coming forward as well- as Spotlight won the Oscar’s out of nowhere- and the fact that Lady Gaga’s performance of her song “Till It Happens to You” at the Oscar’s, that got not only a standing ovation but tears from the audience of A listers, keeps getting removed from YouTube. Why? Because it empowers survivors to come forward, and this government group of trolls who are trying to contain this issue don’t want that. Even so- they couldn’t prevent the mass media from reporting on it…

ABC news…

CBS news….

Entertainment Tonight…

Even Vice President Joe Biden got involved- who introduced Lady Gaga, who said ALL abuse survivors need to be listened too…

So how have these allegations of ritualized sexual abuse been quieted? Burton seems like she is full of shit- and nothing she said in her post was anything but bullshit. But it shows where this “survivor advocate” and her group stands concerning victims of ritualized childhood sexual abuse. She is an “advocate” while stating that it never happened. Wow- that is certainly helpful to survivors- don’t you all think? If one word could be used to describe her and her group- IT CERTAINLY WOULDN’T BE HONEST. These allegations have not been put to rest- as she asserts- but rather- momentum to expose this mess is BUILDING- despite the actions of her and her group. And they haven’t quieted- either in the UK, Australia- nor the US.

Why they are trying to trash Fiona Barnett’s chance to come to America is because this group doesn’t want survivors nor their supported efforts to be fueled- and they certainly don’t want this mess of ritualized child abuse to be connected globally. That is why these attacks on Fiona and her character are being waged, and anyone who looks at it honestly can see that this is EXACTLY what is happening and why.

So please- help Fiona Barnett get to the US so that she can talk and tell her HONEST experiences to clinicians, survivors, and their advocates so that this mess of openly and BLANTANTLY hurting children can be exposed and stopped. Here is the link to her GoFundMe account…

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