A Perfect Example of How Government Internet Trolls Are Using Psychological Tactics to Influence You


So this Sheva Burton- whose real name is Susan Mellrose, doesn’t even use her real name although she claims to be this huge survivor advocate, and has a blog that claims Fiona Barnett and I are working for and are protected by the government and that she and her group are the only TRUE survivor advocates, although they haven’t done ANYTHING for ANYONE but themselves.

And Sheva (Susan Mellrose) has been involved with the Hampstead case in the UK but now has been defending Amanda Prosser, Kathy Devine, and John Brown- who are government paid trolls in Australia. And judging by her comments, she seems to be snuggled in bed with this group.

Funny that a UK survivor advocate, whose Hampstead case has only been going on for about two years, has such an intimate knowledge of the Australian group.

What is obvious by her own rantings is that they are connected- TOTALLY connected.

The fact that this group always leaves out is that although these trolls seem incredibly well connected and have been for some time, Fiona and I have been working on our own for many years now and we only just met about FOUR months ago. But they will assert that it is we who are in league with the government and they are not. However, when looked at closely- what is obvious is that THEY are the ones who are nothing like what they are trying to appear to be.

Amanda Prosser worked for the Australian police until leaving for unknown reasons. She has also worked as a teacher- but got fired for talking to much about men from space with her students. And we can’t forget that she was also a poll dancer/stripper (not that there is anything wrong with that but compared with her other professions, it appears that she seems to be mentally unstable).

Kathy Devine has a history of searching out survivors and victimizing them, when she isn’t sending them to John Brown- who drugged and raped a male survivor in order to shut him up. THESE are the people Sheva Burton (Susan Mellrose) puts her complete faith in, and demands everyone else does the same- which begs into question her reliability and choice of character. She even defends Arthur Kaoutal, who claims he is a survivor but is well known to smoke meth and claims he is the Second Coming of Christ. THESE are the people Sheva Burton (Susan Mellrose) claim are the trustworthy ones.

But hell, she doesn’t even use her real name so I guess it is no skin off her nose. It isn’t like she has to take any personal responsibility for her actions, since she can’t be bothered to use her real name.

And Hoaxtead Research- the website set up to blast anyone connected with those fighting for the Hampstead children and their claims of being horrifically abused, is being led by ANOTHER anonymous troll who goes by El Coyote- which is a “jokey” term for a magician involved with Chaos magic. He and his group, while presenting themselves as victims, go all over the internet attacking anyone who is brave enough to call them out.

I had to personally block this entire group from every account I have on the internet to stop them attacking like a pack of wolves- the most notable was on Twitter when they linked Justin Beiber’s account to our conversation (just like ISIS has been reported to be doing in order to garner more public attention).

I was amused that afterwards, Beiber “liked” several of my tweets, including the one where I called Doug Mesner/satanist Lucien Greaves out for being a CIA paid troll.

So when looking at all of this- when you consider that THEY are an entire group working in LEAGUE with each other, and Fiona Barnett and I are just two people who just met four months ago- which group looks more like government paid trolls? Esp. considering that WE are trying to expose this pedophile ring while THEY are all claiming, IN MASS, that there is no proof that any such thing is happening.

So who is really trying to protect the government’s interests? The answer should be crystal clear.

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