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A Word About this Concept of “White Privilege”

I want to say a few words about this concept of “white privilege” and correct a few misconceptions that are being had with this whole racial issue. This term came from people who don’t have a clue what it is to be white, and know as much about the subject as I do knowing what […]

My Interview on 3/9/2016 on the Ochelli Effect

My new radio interview from last night… at the Ochelli Effect

Now That the Catholic Church Has Fallen- What is Next?

As a practicing Shaman who was born into Luciferianism and trained as such, my spiritual perspective is admittedly different than most and being raised as an MKUltra victim who was told I was going to be the Anti-Christ- or rather, a shell that the Anti-Christ was going to use, my experiences are different than everyone […]

Voting Donald Trump? Well Obama is Gay So I Guess a Pedophile Should Be Next

Okay- it isn’t that he preaches hatred and directly quotes Mussolini when he isn’t preaching the ideals of Hitler and then refuses to denounce the KKK as a hate group. It isn’t that he encourages his crowds to hurt protesters and calls them up on stage when they do, nor that other countries are either […]