Voting Donald Trump? Well Obama is Gay So I Guess a Pedophile Should Be Next

Okay- it isn’t that he preaches hatred and directly quotes Mussolini when he isn’t preaching the ideals of Hitler and then refuses to denounce the KKK as a hate group. It isn’t that he encourages his crowds to hurt protesters and calls them up on stage when they do, nor that other countries are either mocking us- or preparing themselves to deal with us if we elect him. It isn’t that he has driven four companies into bankruptcy and has been the only one coming out smelling like a rose, or that he is threatening to shut down our media and build walls around us. No- the main reason why Trump should not be our president is because he hangs with pedophiles like billionaire Jeffery Epstein and has been a frequent flyer to Epstein’s island which is some sort of child trafficking paradise, along with a bunch of other elites. He has actually defended his friend saying that he is a “great guy” and that he throws great parties- but we have all heard about Epstein’s “parties” and so it leaves all of us to wonder what exactly happened at these parties “the Donald” has such a fond remembrance of. I mean, coming from a man who- on public television- told the world that if his daughter wasn’t his daughter- he would date her. And then there are those strange pictures with him and his daughter when she was a child. He has displayed a complete lack of respect for women in general, and as they say- birds of a feather flock together- so, as a presidential contender- I think we, as a public, need to know of those he keeps around him considering that one of his best is a convicted billionaire pedophile. We also need to figure out just what he was doing at these parties as a MANY time guest on the island owned by Jeffery Epstein. He AND Bill Clinton- which denounces any chance that Bill and Donald- (and perhaps even Hillary) – aren’t working in cahoots with each other- being partners in crime as it were. This is next in line for our programmed America and it is like everything else that our leaders offer us-that being ONE BIG FACADE.

Oh- and Obama being gay… have you SEEN Michelle Obama exorcising on the Ellen DeGeneres show? Women don’t bulge up in the front like that- and Michelle was DEFINITELY bunching up. So the whole thing about their two children not being theirs should be a NO BRAINER. And all of this was done right in front America’s faces- out front and center, with such deception that there is no way it was without mocking laughter on their parts. In consideration of everything- you KNOW they had to be laughing. Up until they had to kill Joan Rivers for starting to publicly make a joke out of it- who plainly stated Michelle Obama was a man. And Michelle got Woman of the Year. Just like Bruce Jenner. What a joke.


Sent to me after I published this article….

“You might want to add that Virgina Roberts was an employee at Mara Lago when Ghishlaine Maxwell recruited her for Epstein, that Prince Andrew and Epstein would party together at Mara Lago and that Ghishlaine Maxwell attended Chelseas wedding AFTER she was fingered by these victims as being a pim and having child porn on her cell phone and lap top.”

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