Now That the Catholic Church Has Fallen- What is Next?

As a practicing Shaman who was born into Luciferianism and trained as such, my spiritual perspective is admittedly different than most and being raised as an MKUltra victim who was told I was going to be the Anti-Christ- or rather, a shell that the Anti-Christ was going to use, my experiences are different than everyone else. But I still want to share my perspective on what is really happening in the world around us.

The Luciferian stronghold that has been strangling mankind from the beginning has lost its power and all of their foundations are crumpling from the top down, although topping the list right now is undoubtedly the Catholic Church who is quickly going down in flames. Third in charge of the Catholic Church- with his superiors blessing, Cardinal Pell has gone before the Australian Royal Commission and basically said ‘Yeah- children got raped, tortured, and murdered- but what the fuck should that mean to me exactly?’ Right now, people are in shock, disbelief, and some are emotionally devastated- but that will pass soon enough and what will replace it will be outrage.

This is inevitable, as- when given the chance, the Catholic Church failed to tell the truth or take any responsibility whatsoever for the serious crimes against humanity that they have committed as a whole- esp. when it came to children.

Then we have “Spotlight” coming out of nowhere and sweeping the top awards at the Academy Awards and winning best movie among other things. I haven’t seen this movie yet, but from what I understand- its portrayal of the ritual abuse of children not only discredits everything that the CIA based group False Memory Syndrome Foundation has promoted for the past three decades in its takeover of any discussion of such things- prohibiting and actively campaigning against anyone who did otherwise, who have, by their own actions and behavior, proven themselves to be nothing but a campaign of intimidation and lies, and whose actions demand the need for society as a whole to look into just what has been hidden from everyone as a result for so long.

The fact is that this whole experience on Earth has always been a spiritual one, something that Luciferians are quite aware of and have always been. I am not so sure what is so hard to grasp about there being a group who worshiped demons and who gained inordinate power and favor from them; that this was real and devoutly practiced because it worked.

Society is told not to practice sorcery for a reason, but just because most of us don’t do it doesn’t mean that is true for everyone. Those who have practiced it have generally found it to be highly successful, up until late that is. That is because all of those “demons” that were so helpful in the past were all given a choice- go to war with Heaven, or be embraced back into Heaven- and now, at the most crucial juncture of this whole endeavor- devil worshipers have suddenly discovered themselves ditched by those they derived all of their power from and now, as a result, they not only no longer have the influence and control over everything that they have enjoyed so much, but they are now being held accountable for their actions.

All of Heaven is here now and is not only aware of the truth but is also completely pissed off and is now dealing with those involved, and the evidence of this is undeniable.

It was neither a coincidence nor an accident that Allister Crowley’s mansion burned to the ground. That place stood as a main figurehead for the occult and the wizard they so adored- and symbolically- it represented a Luciferian foundation. But now it is gone; Poof- just like that.

And Justice Anton Scalia being murdered at a place that is directly connected to the Bohemian Grove and all of the Luciferian activity that is happening is also neither a coincidence nor an accident. These Luciferian towers, so to speak, that were once so powerful- are undeniably, as a whole, completely failing. And just as it is written, everything that has been in the shadows is all being brought out into the light, and try as those involved all might- nothing can be done to stop or prevent it.

The Catholic Church is being brought down first because it was first and it stands as the biggest Luciferian finger at God that ever existed.

You see, I was taught as a child that the real story about the Knights Templar is not the one that has been told. These soldiers worked for and were loyal to the Church, but their true alliance was to God and Jesus Christ, and they were renowned throughout the land as heroes because of the display of their faith. This group- while serving the Church- discovered that the leaders were actually heavy into demon worship and were conspiring with them to dominate the world.

Obviously the Knights Templar, considering who they were and what they believed, were compelled to stand against the Catholic Church they had loved so much, and in turn, the Catholic Church wiped them out and immortalized their extinction by electing every Friday 13th to represent them as a warning to anyone else who would stand against the Church.

The entire history of the Catholic Church is imperialistic and is so rife with blatant disregard to God and the people, esp. those they have openly hurt that when seen in this light- that it isn’t hard to see the connections between the Catholic Church and the demons they serve.

Fiona Barnett, the Australian victim who jump started this campaign to look into the abuse of children by the Catholic Church and was a catalyst for what is happening with her country’s law proceedings concerning the ritual abuse of children; well she and I were talking about Cardinal Pell and this Royal Commission testimony and I told her that this whole fiasco has been a gift from Heaven and couldn’t have worked better for victims if someone had planned it as we are now finally and honestly faced with the real reason why so much criminal activity has taken place by the Catholic Church, which is that they just don’t give one flying fuck about what people think about them or how the people they have hurt feel.

This may have have worked when they had the help of the demons that they were worshiping, who basically could control everything, but now that they don’t- I have a feeling things are not going to work out the way they hope.

And this same spotlight is right now already shining in the United States as a Pennsylvanian grand jury has determined that the Catholic Church is guilty of the same exact things in their state. So I guess we will all see how this whole response of “None of us knew because none of us gave a fuck” is going to work as an effective defense. Something, however, tells me that it isn’t going to go over very well.

Contrary to a select few, society isn’t involved in a “witch hunt” and we aren’t suffering from “satanic panic” due to “false memories”. This time the truth of what has happened is undeniable, and no propaganda campaign is going to make it go away.

This is because what is really happening is that Heaven is most undeniably real and is laying claim to all of the Luciferian pedophiles while bringing all of their activities out into the light. This planned “war with Heaven” is over- Heaven 1 Luciferians 0-and now this group of demon worshipers is not only facing the wrath of those they have used for so long, but all of Heaven as well. The systems are crumbling because the power that fed them is gone and we now are all in a time of judgement- plain and simple.

Cardinal Pell- and the Catholic Church- have failed their test and stand as an example of what NOT to do. Although they were given the chance to tell the truth and work within the light, Cardinal Pell, speaking on behalf of the Catholic Church with the Pope’s blessing, instead chose to lie and deny any responsibility for any wrongdoing and although I don’t believe anyone was really surprised, the price attributed to the consequences of their decisions will be in the end, I believe, hefty.

Although the Catholic Church may have fallen first, they are far from being the last- as each one of our leaders are about to face having their darkness come out publicly.

A good example of this are the connections between Donald Trump and Bill Clinton and convicted pedophile billionaire Jeffery Epstein and his island where parties involving sex with minors undeniably occurred is more than enough to suspect that Trump and the Clintons are working in cahoots with each other as partners in crime as it were- which exposes this whole upcoming presidential election as a complete and utter sham.

I personally believe that this focus on the Catholic Church and pedophilia is going to extend outward exponentially and will eventually envelop the whole lot of them and all anyone really needs to do is sit back and enjoy the show, as Heaven is about to claim all these Luciferian pedophiles and give them the separation from God that they have desired so intently and the darkness they have fought so hard and long for and have loved so intensely.

Fair being fair, each of our leaders will be given the chance to make the right choice and come clean- just as the Catholic Church was, but the wrong choice will have disastrous consequences for each of them personaly as well as on the systems in which they are operating- as we are about to witness concerning the Catholic leadership.

The Darkness is hungry and reaching out, and our Luciferian leaders who have brought the world to the brink that it is at are at the top of its list. However, eventually, sooner than any of us are going to be comfortable with- we are all going to be tested and judged, and there is nothing anything any of us can do except deal with this reality and act accordingly.

But have no doubt, complete chaos is what awaits all of mankind here shortly and all of our faith is going to be tested in ways that we can’t yet begin to imagine and we will all be held accountable for our individual choices- those who work with faith will be blessed beyond belief and those who work within the context of the dark will be claimed by the dark with absolutely no exceptions.

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