Just So I’m Clear About the Political Race…

I don’t like Obama. He turned his back on a group of murdered kids in order to have Omaha renamed Obamaha for the day when he was first running for president and I have always held that against him. Contacting the Democratic headquarters in Omaha early the morning he was to arrive- I explained that I who I was and what I was doing and sent them to my website so that they could see what I was talking about. There is a long story to this- but all in all- I look at Obama as a sellout.

Mitt- well, I just shook his hand and looked him dead in the eye a couple months ago when he came to Council Bluffs. I asked him to help me- and he told me he “was helping me- he was helping America”. I tried to offer my book to him- but was denied, not that it mattered. Shaking the man’s hand and looking him in the face- I realized that there is a cruelty to the man that is unable to be masked. The man downright scared me.

Both candidates are a smoke and mirror to the real power behind our government- and it is the system that is in control- not our leaders. I have realized that if the American people don’t do something- and something fast- we are all doomed. I am voting- but it is simply out of respect. My mother always told me that if you don’t vote, you can’t speak out against it- and so, in order to adhere to that policy- I will be voting- although I don’t think that anyone’s vote- no matter who they vote for- is going to matter all that much.

No wonder America is quickly becoming a third world nation.

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