re Constant Attacks on Craigslist

So how many times do you want me to go to your website now Uncle David?

I’m doing 125 now. Should I take it up to 200 and make it real popular? MY REPIES

That is weird- I am not your uncle. Even if you are part of my father’s family- I am not part of yours. And people wonder why I think my family is behind all this in here.

I have a nephew Mark who runs guns and drugs who moved to MO- so is that who I am talking with? Joanne will fight so hard to stop me from getting us all investigated- as will you- but as you see- tenacity wins the day.

I FIND IT BETTERto repost the stuff on here onto my website. That way it stays up. Getting 150 hits a day- it will be fun to show how stupid some around here are, and how committed they are to keep things on their own playing field.

Go ahead- get some really juicy insults coming my way- cause I really do want to throw them up on my blog so I can show the mentality of Omaha when it comes to Child Trafficking.

Can’t flag me there- and it gets as much traffic as this one does- so go for it…

Of course now that Mark is in here calling me Uncle David- it seems my paranoid thought that my family followed me into here isnt so out of the question. However- I am good at this as well.

This exchange was after I called on the Doctor who was attacking me from MO. Interesting- my nephew Mark Hester- who I know for a fact is a gun runner and pill addict- comes in and leaves this- reminding me that he MOVED TO MISSOURI as of late- so again- is this MD and my family connected? I can only judge this situation by what I know- and what I know is that this message was left on Rants and Raves on Craigslist right after I had my argument with the MD. This would tell me that they are somehow connected- and working HARD once again to keep me from getting any info out about this. My family has targeted me all my life- but esp. since I started this investigation, wrote a book- and got a protection order on me from my stepmother Joanne C. Shurter- who is HEAVILY involved with my family’s past of child trafficking and murder. These are more examples of how this group has constantly tried to quiet me.

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