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New Radio Broadcast with Omaha Historian David Holland

David Holland is author of the most read piece on, “A Fragmented Timeline of Omaha NE from August 1983”. Please listen as Omaha historian David Holland recounts some of the more gruesome history of Omaha and how much of this could be inter related much more so than what was previously thought. Speaking about […]

What Jacob Wetterling, Ricki Chadek, Eugene Martin, Johnny Gosch, and Four Murdered Children in Michigan Have in Common

I have been asked why I believe that the abductions of Ricki Chadek, Jacob Wetterling, Eugene Martin. and Johnny Gosch are connected to four murdered children in Michigan called the Oakland County Child Killing (OCCK) case, and I would like to expound upon my thoughts with all of this. The thing that links all of […]