What Jacob Wetterling, Ricki Chadek, Eugene Martin, Johnny Gosch, and Four Murdered Children in Michigan Have in Common

I have been asked why I believe that the abductions of Ricki Chadek, Jacob Wetterling, Eugene Martin. and Johnny Gosch are connected to four murdered children in Michigan called the Oakland County Child Killing (OCCK) case, and I would like to expound upon my thoughts with all of this.

The thing that links all of these cases together I believe is a systematic cover up by our government and the CIA. None of these cases are solved- and these are the cases we KNOW about- not to mention the countless others that have fallen through the cracks of time. Our justice department has reported that 2,185 children are reported missing daily- and that is not counting the “throwaway” kids that hit the streets unreported. According to Noreen Gosch- there have been over 30 abduction attempts in the past couple months in Iowa alone, so to say that there isn’t a problem is to consciously ignore the facts of the matter.

The CIA was, and I believe, still is HEAVILY involved in the cover up of what happened in Omaha, NE- as has been reported in several books filled with documentation, such as Nick Bryant’s book The Franklin Scandal- the most recent of the books out there. Even still- there are KEY elements left out of the “official” story that concern me- which tells me that the many of the same people who have been involved in all this are actively suppressing the story, even today- 30 yrs. Later.

It sounds like a huge conspiracy- but let me point out that the same rich people have been in power for the past 50+ years, and it isn’t the one percent that is involved here but rather the .25% of the 1% who own everything and have been in control for generations now. To think that these men are not connected is expressing a misunderstanding of business and how things work in the real world. These are the men who are in control- giving the orders- and doing many things that most of us would find abhorrent. As it has been said, “Great men are almost always bad men”, and this is a truth that the American pubic is quickly learning about.

I think what links many of these abductions is not only my family involvement- but also the government involvement that has been implemented to keep these cases contained and quiet. To think that my family worked alone is ridiculous- and the fact that I have had, in the past year, a systematic attempt to shut me down every way I turn tells me that there are more involved than my step mother Joanne C. Shurter and her cousin/lawyer Gerald Fredrickson. Considering that I have been doing what I have on my site- and faxing Omaha’s Mayor Jim Suttle (whose administration was connected to this at the beginning of his office), and Judge Marlon Polk, who was the man who granted my stepmother a protection order against me (which you can read on my website DavidShurter.com), it has been pretty obvious to me that I am making a few ripples in the water of denial that permeates the situations here in Omaha, NE.

The suspects in the OCCK case conveniently died or committed suicide soon after the children were murdered, (in 76-77- the same time that the problem with child abductions and our family became a problem for my father’s family), much like what happened here in Omaha- where the suspects just suddenly started committing suicides in mass. There are TOO many similarities for me, and in fact when taken as a larger picture, the coincidences surrounding all of these cases becomes more of a pattern- once again pointing to our governments involvement in keeping all of this silent.

So my contention is basically that I am fighting the CIA in trying to expose my family and their involvement in a child trafficking ring, mainly because if this gets out and the public begins to really examine the events that I am talking about- it is going to put America on it’s head. However, whatever you personally believe when dealing with all of this, I assure you that I am not alone with this kind of thinking, and there are good reasons why I believe what I do.

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