Arguments Against Me on the OCCK Website (Oakland County Child Killing Case)

I have seen enough…real easy fix here. Here are some facts that are easy to check. BTW, I did read the book, ahem…and I have met a few others that have, as well.

1. John DeCamp and Nick Bryant’s books not only provided names, but also provided resources and included photos of documents,transcripts, and interviews. Davids’s was NOT the first to provide names and did not provide any type of evidence, witness, testimony, etc…

Neither DeCamp- nor Bryant- lived through what they talked about- as I did growing up in it. Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story is written in 1st person because it is MY story, and I go into detail at what I experienced and who was involved. The problem that I have with the two previous books is that they don’t talk about the Old Market- they don’t talk about the Hollywood Bar where the snuff films where being produced- they talk about Johnny Gosch but they don’t talk about the fact that Sam Soda worked as the manager of the Stagedoor bar right across from the police station. The don’t talk about the drugs coming in from the Contras through Offett Air Force Base here in town, and they certainly don’t talk about the MKUltra experiments and the connections to satanic practices in Hummel Park and Forest Lawn Cemetary. These, in my opinion- are key points to what was happening here in Omaha- and the fact that all of these points are either dismissed by DeCamp and Bryant- or completely omitted in entire, makes me wonder why. If they did so much research, then why were these points left out of the story- as these make much more of a case than rehashing the same old story again, which I think is a smoke and mirror to the real stuff that was going on.

2. On Cloakandagner Proboards, November 2011, David Stated that his sister Cynthia Lynne Hester was murdered 3 weeks after his father passed…Cynthia did pass away in 2006, yet her Obituary states it was of “natural causes” and that she was a loving wife and mother

My sister had reported to her nurses and doctors that her husband Ralph Hester and her oldest daughter Wendi were planning on killing her- and thus Adult Protective Services were involved. When she died- these were the only two with her at the time- and neither could get their story straight as to what happened with my sister, as the tale kept changing. My brother in law was City Manager of Holly Hills, so the whole matter was shoved under the rug. However, I would be more angry but the fact is- Ralph died four years later. Complaining that he was not able to sleep- and when he did he suffered terrible night mares, the man eventually died of a heart attack.

3. Page 8 Graettinger Times-1985, Joanne and Lynn Shurter had a dinner/reception honoring their son David…his sister Cynthia and, at least 1 of her children (Marc) were in attendance. Feel free to read the whole paragraph of attendees should you feel the need. Quick Google Search.

I am really not sure why this is an issue- as this was my high school graduation and I left three days after this “reception”. Marc was NOT in attendance- as Ralph and Cindy came alone- as did Kathy and her husband at the time, Bob Renstrom. The whole thing was a fiasco and I left in the middle of it- irritating the crap out of my father but I figured it was their party and I wasn’t really needed. If this is trying to prove that I came from a loving family- you had better rethink that- as I am friends with people in Graettinger who grew up with me and remember the crap that I went through. As an example- my stepmother Joanne C. Shurter claimed everything that I was given that day- as I left solely with the clothes on my back and few clothes in a suitcase the day that I left. However- it was customary in town to announce graduations- and my stepmother wanted as much stuff as she could plunder from the situation.

4. Read carefully, Robert Lynn Shurter did not grow up in Michigan….he was BORN in Michigan. Robert Lynn Shurter had moved to Nebraska (with the rest of the family) when he Robert was between the ages of 5 and 10 years old. Reference 1940 Census and

Again- my father’s family owned the town of Cassopolis- so to think that he moved- never to return- is kind of a stretch- esp. considering that we had family up there- like my Great Uncle Phil- who died in MI actually. I know for a fact that we had family up there as my father was inclined to visit them when he was flying, which he did privately. To suggest that we NEVER returned- or that my father didn’t know MI even though his family was up there- is not logical.

If I had the time or inclination, I am sure it would not be too difficult to research many of these claims and put the issue to rest.
May I qualify myself by stating the following: I do not know David Shurter, I do not know his family, I am not in any way related to Mr. Shurter. Not by blood, marriage,friendship, osmosis, experience,etc….
The items I have posted here took about 15 minutes and didn’t cost a dime.

I have a concerted effort to try and close me and my book down. This is just one example of what I am speaking about- but there are many others. I plan on blogging about my experiences with the Michigan case- which happened in 76-77, the same time I was forced to light a man on fire who came in search of his missing daughter when I was 10. The time frames match up to things going on in my family- and the fact that I have gotten so much flack from my questions tells me that I am onto something. I just want to know for certain….

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