I Am At a Loss

Funny enough, I have seemed to have run out of ideas on how to get my family and their activites in a child, gun, and drug trafficking ring here in Omaha looked at. My experience with this is sad- for if I had to go through all of what I have to come up empty handed- then how many victims are out here, less tenacious than I, who have just been left out in the cold? There has been a concerted effort on the part of a nameless group who have tried to thwart me every step of the way in trying to get this investigated, joining my stepmother Joanne C. Shurter and her cousin/attorney Gerald Fredrickson in their many attempts to threaten and indimidate anyone who would try and help me get this properly looked at.

In the past year- I have had over 15 threatening letters sent out by Gerald, I was set up by Unity Church of Omaha in order to thwart a conference on child trafficking, one of my book sellers got a three a.m. threatening vist keeping him from carrying my book, and Craigslist is so infiltrated that my posts rarely make it for 10-15 minutes before they are flagged and removed- although all the garbage about me stays up throughout. Having given my DNA to the Nebraska State Patrol- and knowing what my family was involved with- I have in return been given arguments that are my stepmothers- in that I am so bent on revenge that I would say and do anything, although I don’t know how trying to get justice for a bunch of murdered people is seeking revenge.

Now, considering that Mitt Romney is running for president, and he orginates from the same state that my family does- Michigan- it makes me wonder how heavily his family was involved in the coverup of four satanically murdered children there in 76-77, as there has been a DEFINITE coverup with a group of child murders throughout America at the time, which, in my opinion- did more to fuel “satanic panic” (a media name for what they called a social hysteria carried off by renegade therapists), than the official story that has been given at this point. His father had previously been governer, and unfortunately powerful people have always been in league to keep all of this quiet.

Regardless- I have a concerted effort to keep me quiet with everything that I am saying while this strange smear campaign is on the way to say that I am crazy, in order to keep people from reading my book and considering what I have been saying. Also- this blog has been up since my birthday several years ago- and if anyone goes back and reads what I have said- they will realize that I neither contradict myself- nor can anyone see where my story is different. I have and will continue to keep saying the same thing over and over and over until the people stand up and start to listen.

However- I realize that there are some who read this blog who are heavily involved in my past- and I need to point out that regardless what I do now and in the future- the game for you remains the same. Come clean or be claimed.

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