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New Radio Session with Activist Doug Millar

href=”“> My conversation with Doug Millar on MKUltra, Penn State, and crimes against children perpetrated by Col. Michael Aquino, as founder of Temple of Set and past NSA leader.

The Precedence of Our Judicial System Concerning Future Pedophiles With Regards to the Jerry Sandusky Case

Sometimes, in a game, it takes a while to figure out the strategy of your opponent, and concerning the case of Jerry Sandusky, I have to say that future pedophiles are cheering right now. It was a brilliant move. Take an old, famous, well liked football hero of sorts, connect him solely to the child […]

Sen. Bernie Sanders from Vermont

You gotta listen to this 13 minute speech. It is really very enlightening…

Second TalkShoe Radio Show

Please check out my second show- it was much better than the first show, and details quite a bit more…

Letter to the Oakland Child Killing Task Force in Michigan

Investigator D. Tullock Oakland County Prosecutors Office 4th Floor West wing 1200 N. Telegraph Road Pontiac, Michigan 48341 Investigator Tullock, Let me first begin by expressing how surprised I was to hear from your office, as I was completely dismissed by your department in 2007 after two weeks of emails so to hear from you […]

Info On Satanism from David McGowans Book “Programmed to Kill” sent to me on Facebook

An excerpt from Dave McGowan’s wonderful book, “Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder” : Chapter 12 Satan’s Family Tree “The Devil can get into people and cause them to do things they wouldn’t do otherwise.” —Herbert Mullin, speaking to a Bible study class In New York City in 1875, Madame Helena Petrovina Blavatsky […]