Letter to the Oakland Child Killing Task Force in Michigan

Investigator D. Tullock
Oakland County Prosecutors Office
4th Floor West wing
1200 N. Telegraph Road
Pontiac, Michigan 48341

Investigator Tullock,

Let me first begin by expressing how surprised I was to hear from your office, as I was completely dismissed by your department in 2007 after two weeks of emails so to hear from you out of the blue was incredibly surprising. I also have to state that I am more than curious as to why now? The skeptic in me wonders if it doesn’t have to do with the pending $100 million dollar lawsuit brought forward by the parents of the murdered four children, but I will put that aside and do what you asked me to do and detail the reasons why I believe events surrounding satanic killings and my family in Omaha are connected to the four ritually murdered children you have on your books in Oakland, Michigan. However, I should warn you that, because I am concerned that this is just going to end up in some file somewhere- by the time this letter reaches you I will have already posted it on my blog at https://davidshurter.com and shared it with others. I want to make it clear from the very beginning that I am not doing this so that you can cover your butts with some lawsuit- but rather because I think that these situations are not only connected, but they also need to be exposed.

First of all- my father had close ties with Michigan. Growing up in Niles, Michigan- my father’s family basically owned the town of Cassopolis- as our last name was not Shurter but Rathbens- (not sure of the spelling). My great uncle Phil- who lived in Cassopolis- was the man who first inducted my father and his younger brother into the cult- just as my father tried to induct me later on. As strange as it sounds- this connection to Satanism in my family has been generational, but as far as my father and his family are concerned- much of our background originated in Michigan.

You asked about the significance of lunar cycles and killings- and what you need to understand is that these cycles are incredibly important to Satanists- and the killings happened around “holidays” that Satanists adhere too. Just so we are clear- these are the dates of your murdered children… Mark Stebbins-Feb.15th 1976————-Jill Robinsion Dec.22,1976———————–Kris Mchilich Jan,2 1977———-Tim King,March 16th,1977. Each one of these coincides with a time when I KNOW that things were hot and heavy in Omaha. Let me explain.

In my book Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story- (which I am sending you along with this letter), I talk about a man who came in search of his missing daughter- A man that I was forced to murder when I was ten, which just happened to be in 1976. By this time, my family was basically on the run- moving first to Fremont to escape the problems that were being presented at the time of child disappearances and murders of a ritual nature that were happening in Omaha at the time, and then to Graettinger Iowa after my family murdered the man in our basement. I detail the events in my past in the book, however, I want to make it clear that this whole child trafficking and cult activity had been going on for quite some time before I ever came along- and actually- from my research, has been going on a lot longer than I ever expected. Here in Omaha- everything publically is connected to a failed savings and loan called Franklin Credit and the events that came out from that- but the truth is, there had been serious rumblings for over a decade before- and Franklin was actually the catalyst that was used to silence what was really going on here. Before Franklin hit the news- there had been a serious attempt at trying to silence what was happening here- which I also detail in my book- which is the reason why I believe that your killings in Michigan are connected to events of my family here in Omaha.

My father was a pilot at the time, and flew constantly- which my stepmother Joanne C. Shurter- who was married to my father at the time, spoke of at my father’s memorial service. My contention is that my father and his friends decided to try and deflect the rumors about the Satanism that was being practiced in Omaha by deflecting the issues to a different state- thus you ended up with four satanically ritual murdered children within a year’s time. Captivating the nation’s media- it very cleverly took the heat off of Omaha until things eventually exploded a decade later. Your children, I believe, were a smoke and mirror campaign to deflect what was rumored to be happening here- and looking at it historically- it worked marvelously.

The fact that you discovered the children so easily and in the way you did, tells me that they were left there to be found. Especially in Michigan, where you have more forests than any place I have ever been. Logically it would have been easier and much safer to hide the bodies, but the fact that they were displayed the way they were leaves no assumption that these bodies were meant to be found. Growing up in the state- and traveling all over all of his life, my father knew your areas well, and so I figure that since he was involved as a high priest and was not only a child murderer but also a pilot, these are the reasons your state was chosen. Also- my father was indoctrinated into the cult IN Michigan, so it would have been a pretty logical assumption to think that your issues with this would come out instead of Omaha’s if any investigation was REALLY presented regarding these killings.

One of the reasons why I don’t trust your office is because you MUST know that a man in 2006 was arrested and connected to Satanism in your state- and the article that I read online at CNN news was that it was reported that he wasn’t acting alone. Perhaps it has already occurred to you that maybe you should check out your books and see who CNN was reporting about- but the fact that no one connected with all of this has any idea what I am talking about tells me that you haven’t. I was sitting in the law offices of Frazer and Stryker at the time- and was only able to read the article over the receptionists shoulder sitting in the waiting room- so I was unable to save the details- but because it happened when it did- I am positive that it happened in middle to late 2006. Regardless- you HAVE to know the details of this- and the fact that much of this has the history of corruption that it does- trying to silence it as simple “satanic panic” and social hysteria- I must look at your office critically.

Who you are looking for behind these murders is not just one person but rather a group of people. If you are interested in more- read my book and then get back to me if you want. However- all of the dates correspond to what was going on with my family at the time, and also fits with the activities that we were involved with here.
Thanks for your time,

David Shurter

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