Despite Their Constant BS- Notice How Hoaxtead Research CAN’T or WON’T Answer Three Simple Questions

Hoaxtead will make the claims of child abuse about any individual that speaks out against it- claiming THEY are pedophiles living out sick fantasies- but this is ONLY to deny mass child trafficking is happening.

They use High Court Justice Mrs. Palfrey and the two week “investigation” that she ALONE conducted, as proof. In two weeks, along with her duties as a judge and a wife and a normal person, she was able to “conclude”, solely by herself, that there was no proof of any satanic cult. Which brings me to the three questions Hoaxtead refuses to answer.

Since we all know-without a doubt- that back in the 80’s the UK COVERED UP these SAME CLAIMS- the questions are as follows.

Since we know it happened and that is was covered up:

1). What EXACTLY were the allegations?

2). Who was being accused and what were they being accused of?

And, most importantly…

3). If these claims were so bogus- why was so much time, effort, and money spent on covering the allegations up?

Oh, and with all their bs on Franklin, Tom Philpot and the Houston child trafficking problems in the 80’s-etc.- what I want to see is them write about something closer to their home.

I would like to see an article about how the 100’s- if not 1000’s of people claiming they were sold and raped when they were children at Shirley Oaks Children’s Home- are all liars.

Show us all evidence that all of THEM are liars and how your little group of government trolls are the only honest ones.

Otherwise it just looks like you are doing NOW what you did THEN. Deceiving the people so that you can continue to rape children.

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