An Interesting Tidbit from Yesterday’s Twitter Argument

So I have no idea if he was telling the truth, but yesterday on Twitter Doug Mesner himself told me he was in touch with my half sister Christina Blumpkin. IN FACT- he said she hired him to work on her and my step mother Joanne C. Shurter’s behalf. So this is MOST DEFINITELY getting interesting…

But it seems that both Joanne and Christina are OBVIOUSLY shitting their pants because they BOTH know what was going on in that house. The sound proof room my father and step mother built- the skeletons of dead kids in the walls of my father’s master bedroom closet that he totally rebuilt and told BOTH my sister Kathy and I about.

Yeah- they are afraid.

And they SHOULD be.

But something tells me that Mesner is NOT going to be able to help them. But them associating with a murderer- and him having the stupidity to tell me- I couldn’t have asked for better info…

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