A Direct Message to My Local Officials

And THIS video goes with the current video… Just yet ANOTHER COINCIDENCE in all This- but it’s a pretty BIG coincidence. And the conversation ended there…

New Video Concerning an Alleged Serial Killer in Omaha

New Video: Oct 14, 2022

They were pretty much correct. That’s why I had to adapt as I have. The spiritual exists. Flat out. Anyone who says otherwise is either ignorant or lying. About Tom Philpott- the documentary Boys for Sale: The two episodes I speak about regarding my cameras are by far NOT the only activity my cameras have […]

In My Last Video I Speak About Doug Mesner Being Involved with the CIA

I spoke in my last video that Shane Bugbee, the guy who helped Doug Mesner set up the Satanic Temple, left after Mesner told him that he (Doug) was working with the CIA. Shane, in 2018, went onto my Twitter account and liked 3 of my Tweet …   I speak about Doug a LOT […]

My Personal Experiences With Their Directed Energy Weapons

      Here are some of my experiences with these directed energy weapons… Department of Defense Secretary Marc Esper Confirms Existence of Directed Energy Weapons and the extended version of Rabbit Hole which  speak about… The REAL Extended Version of Rabbit Hole: Confessions of an Anti Christ And here is a little bit about […]

Ya, I’m Still Angry You Threw Issac Kappy Off a Bridge

  Links are below the YouTube video in the description.

Email to Local Law Enforcement About this Weekend’s Activity

🙊 ng About My Bond with the Darkness

New Developments

    But of course the real question is why would it matter if he was drunk?

An Explanation of Events Happening With My Local Law Enforcement

  Remembering When They Blew Up the Gas Station Across the Street From My House