Facebook Postings and OCCK site Postings on Me and What I Have Said…

David, can I ask you a question? I know you’ve had associations with Michael Aquino, and I’ve read quite a bit of his writings on xeper.org, and it’s clear that he does, indeed, believe in other wordly satanic beings (I read where he wrote he invoked satan himself for advice during the Church of Satan’s breakdown). So, from what you’ve seen, does he actually believe in these beings (and/or are these beings actually using him as a vessel) or is that just what he wants the public to believe? These satanic cults that abuse/murder/sell children…there is most definitely a satanic aspect, but do these guys really believe they’re raising demons/whatever, or what’s your take on it? Thanks.

Just for the record, yes, I believe that these people, esp. Michael Aquino- believe in what they are doing… but here was a response from one of my favorite posters…

decide for yourself – David will tell you yes, others will say no…….liars like John DeCamp will have you believe that Satanic ritual is only a tool used in traumatic dissociative conditioning of children……………

I personally believe that whether there is a Satan or not, most of these people truly believe….they also believe (or have knowledge of) in power relating to lunar cycles, solar and calendar dates, numbers, geometry, human sacrifice, and so on and so forth

As far as the post – David, the guy who made these comments is completely confused. He is calling your current belief set an offshoot of Scientology, when it was in fact the cult you were a child victim of that had far more to do with Scientology. Michael Aquino claimed to have been created during a Hubbard/Parsons “working”….a term I would be thrilled if you could elaborate on. As soon as we get together to do another show, we absolutely have to spend a few minutes on Scientology!

Scientology is merely one branch of the occult network, relating largely to the control of celebrity MK victims/cult members……….As far as the Process Church – this is very important – Charles Manson was both a Processian and a Scientologist, and is only two degrees removed from your own story

The Process Church was also tied to Offutt Air Force Base

Then I saw this on the OCCK website- from the same guy who claimed I was involved with Scientology. “Withgreatrespect” is the name he goes under on this account, (one of them anyway), and I would like to deal with what he said last night on the site. This was in response to my response when he suggested he was about to be attacked for his beliefs.

If you rock someone’s boat, expect to get shat upon.

I expect it, and I know how to handle it. Whereas, your response is to run amok for several YEARS accusing everyone from your family members to police agencies to presidential candidates of conspiring to ‘silence’ you and destroy your life.

Another difference between us, is that unlike you I have made no preposterous and blatantly false claims about my life history & supposed personal involvement in the crimes of others.

It makes me wonder why this guy thinks that Franklin Credit and the events that went around Omaha, that are spoken about not just by me but by many others, is specifically “rocking” his “boat”. Most would just assume this guy is crazy- but it has been my experience that he is not crazy- but rather working diligently to protect the other side.

It is true that I have gone to the police and once even went to Barrack Obama for help- only to be turned away and disregarded. The day that Obama turned his back on a bunch of murdered children, Omaha was kind enough to call Omaha “Obamaha” for the day. Obama is a sell out- I am not the only one who thinks that, and let me remind people that he was ONLY A MAN BACK THEN- HE WASN’T A POLITICAL DEITY. I put this part of my history in Rabbit Hole- but due to size constraints, it was edited out of the book. But it just makes me wonder why our police and elected officials somehow get this sense of no longer considered to be responsible for their actions after they assume office.

In defense, I have also not made any “preposterous and blatantly false claims about my life history and supposed personal involvement in the crimes of others.” What I have said about my history is true. But then this is also the guy who told me that I am a Scientologist without even ever meeting or speaking with me- so take it for what it is worth. Again- there is this general need to attack what I have said without ever going into specifics of what is specifically wrong with the details I have related. I have shown this to be common on my blog, and will continue to do so.


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