A Message to Michael Aquino and His Friends

December 31st, 2012

My Dearest Micheal,

I was asked recently if I believed if you believed in the rituals and history that you have conjuring up all the chaos that you do, and I realized that this question, although innocent- is completely off mark. Although we both know that you believe full heartedly in the things that you do, the question was never about what you believed, but what I myself believed. If I remember correctly- you are pretty voracious- as are your friends, in letting people know what you think and why, and it was my experience that you could not have cared less for anything I thought or felt. The game, when I was a child, was all about you and your friends. However, things change, and now- as they say- the ball is in my court.

Funny, I truly believe that some of you are finally discovering how little your money and power really mean in the scheme of things, and as you all start discovering your own mortality- as, again, many of you are- you will, I hope, begin to realize that this game that has been so profitable throughout all of your lives has leveled some serious consequences coming your way- and no money, calls to friends, nor any ritual or other hocus pocus is going to save you from that which you all have wrought.

Michael- I have been accused by some of practicing dark magic considering the stuff that I am guilty of doing, but I disagree. Let me remind you that you all BOUND YOURSELVES TO ME AS A CHILD, and whether anyone else wants to believe that or not is completely beside the point- as I, as well as yourself, know this to be true. Never having forgotten the things that you taught me as a child, I have been able to open myself further, and thus have transformed myself from the host you believed me to be, into a doorway that I truly believe allows all of heaven to work through me. In turn, the only thing that I have asked is that all of you are made to suffer now, and in the end- you all WILL be claimed. Having the chance to come clean- and being warned to do so- I personally believe that it will rain down skittles before any of you repent, and so am pretty content that in the end- you will all suffer the wrath of God.

Let’s play a game- shall we? You will remember this one I’m sure. You go ahead and pray to your god, and ask him to save you from the thrashing that my God is about to deliver. Ask him to protect all of you as you all begin to start dying from the inside out. Ask him to save you from losing all that you hold dear, as your empires start to decline before your eyes, and ask him to stop the energy that you fed from returning to you and see how that works for you. More than that- ask him to give you all your lives back. See how that works for you. You are all about to be claimed- and there is nothing and no one who can prevent it. The kingdom of Heaven is within- and it is within which dwells your enemy. Tell me, what weapons of destruction, or psych ops trick do you have that you think is going to solve your sticky wicket and save your soul? Cause my guess is- you have nothing to save you from that which is coming for you. Or should I say who? Cause let me assure you- “she who sleeps within the darkness” is fully awake and now you will all have exactly what you have spent a lifetime aspiring for- all eyes of Heaven are on all of you.


No matter what happens with any investigation into my family or events here in Omaha, I am content that this is the eventual result for all of you who are involved, and so all the rest of it is just cream on the top. I must thank you Michael for helping me to become as aware as I am to the REAL world, and I hope to repay the favor in kind over and over and over on the other side. If it not be for you- none of this would have been possible- so thanks for everything.

Oh- and Happy New Year!


David Shurter

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  1. Christina Ladevig

     /  December 31, 2012

    It isnt nice to wish others ill, but in this case I do- those who harm children are the lowest!

  2. Paula

     /  January 20, 2013

    I thank God that there is universal justice and these people who have harmed innocent people and especially children, will face a terror that they could never dream of. The crimes and pain they have perpetrated on others will seem like a day at the playground in comparison to what they are all soon about to face. Ha the new world order, wait until they experience the balance of justice in the universe! These pompous imbeciles who toyed with and tortured God’s creations are soon about to pay the price!!!