Argument Presented on Craigslist about My Post this Morning

“You are a nut. I am sure Northern Natural Gas would not have noticed there truck was gone or the mileage on it after it went on a trip to St Joseph Minnesota., a 800 mile round trip. Companies keep track of mileage and fuel purchases.

By the early 1990’s hundred of thousands of white Oldsmobil’s had been produced. What year and model are you talking about here? What year and model was reported?

There were thousands of ford station wagons ………

Were any alien space crafts reported in the abductions. They would be as credible as your scatter shot accusations. Let’s try this, a person who has sex with men was reported to be a molester. It must be you!

You wonder why no one listens to you?”


So let me deal with the argument as it was presented. Northern Natural Gas would NOT have noticed their truck missing- since we lived in Graettinger Iowa and my father was not only the manager of the plant- he was the only employee at that location. The truck went everywhere, and St. Joesph Minnesota was NOT an 800 mile trip but rather a little over 200 miles. Because my father was a manager- and basically did his own thing as a gas distributor- the miles and fuel purchases were NOT accounted for.

As far as I know- the exact make and model of these cars hasn’t been determined- or I would think that license plate numbers would have also been included in the reports. I am basing what I know to be true about the abductions that I have listed here on my blog- including but not only Jacob Wetterling, Johnny Gosch, Ricki Chadek, and probably the other two paperboys who were abducted in West Des Moines, where my Aunt Sandy lived with her husband, Walt Davis.

It is coincidental at best that my family owned the very vehicles reported in several abductions. Considering the other surrounding circumstances when it comes to my family- there are good reasons why I think they could be involved.

No- there were no alien spaceships nor aliens of any kind involved with my abuse, and I have never seen a space person myself. I think that this was designed to belittle me- as was the homophobic statement about gay people being child molesters- when it is statistically proven that most molesters are straight men, so that argument falls flat as well.

However- I like to keep people abreast at the arguments that I am facing trying to get this exposed, so that others, and there are MANY others, who wish to come forward realize what they face before they choose to do so.

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