Our Family’s Vehicles in Relation to Child Abductions

My father, Robert Lynn Shurter Jr., drove a big blue Northern Propane utility truck- and when I spoke to the Jacob Wetterling foundation about my concerns about my father being involved, I was told that a big blue truck was indeed involved with the abduction.

Another car familiar with these abductions is a white Oldsmobile. My grandfather, Robert Lynn Shurter I, owned this vehicle, and then, after his death- the title I believe was transferred to my grandmother, Ruth Shurter. However, my family had this car accessible to them- and it has been reported in several abductions.

Lastly- the Ford station wagon that was green with wooden panels on the outside. It opened in two directions because there were seats in the back for passengers. Funny that all three of these vehicles have been reported in child abductions, and my family- at one point or another- owned all three. Comparing that to the other things I have detailed, and the fact that, at least with the Ricky Chadek case, a woman was reportedly involved, I am again wondering why I can’t get any local official to investigate what I have been saying.

I am NOT going to perform an investigation of my own. Nothing I present will be regarded and I am afraid it would actually discredit the things that I am trying to say. Therefore- I must either get the public involved- or somehow force local law officials to look into what I have been saying over and over for years. Someone other than me MUST be involved in an investigation, so that it can’t be said that I jaded things in any way.

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