Another Connection to the Johnny Gosch Abduction and My Family

Funny- the Ford station wagon that Noreen Gosch describes, not only in her son’s abduction, but also Jacob Wetterling’s abduction in Minnesota was EXACTLY like the one my father Robert Lynn Shurter Jr. and his wife Joanne C. Shurter owned- although I am sure that they probably didn’t register it under their names but used one of their many pseudo-names that they seem to have an endless supply of. However, the station wagon that Noreen Gosch speaks about below is identical to one my parent’s owned- and along with the fact that my brother was identified by five people who attended a private function with Noreen Gosch as the speaker down in Miami the November before my father died and Noreen telling me that she received a phone call from my father but didn’t understand what he was saying until she met me- I think that, in my mind, I am 99% sure that my parent’s were involved with these, and other, abductions. Again- my father told people that he had “skeletons in his closet” and he was bound and determined that someone listen to him because, I believe, he was speaking LITERALLY and not FIGURATIVELY. Considering that he completely redid his bedroom closet- it is completely plausible- esp. considering that both of them also installed a sound proof room in their laundry room. Regardless-there are DEFINITIVE reasons why I know that my father and third wife was capable of this, and I have specific reasons why I believe they didn’t stop after I left high school.

Anyway- here is what Noreen Gosch- under the name Johnny’s Mom, wrote on . The bold text and italics is mine- just to point out further and without question what I am talking about.

“The authorities were recently shocked to learn there were 3 vehicles used in connection with Johnny’s kidnapping. They never knew because they never conducted the house to house investigation. We did with our P.I.’s. During those interviews we learned of the placement of the other two vehicles in the area. We decided to keep that information private and not reveal it to anyone. When Paul Bonacci surfaced nine years later, he not only knew of the two other vehicles but exactly where they were located as well as make, model and color. We knew Paul was telling the truth. There was no way for to him to know what had been kept in our files for several years.

I went to Motor Vehicles Dept. and got a complete listing of the vehicles owned by our “suspect”. Bingo, he had the vehicle. It was a unique one… An olive green/woody station wagon which the back end door opened in two ways…. it pulled down but it also could be pulled out the other way… left to right or right to left. The only manufacturer of said vehicle was Ford during the ’80’s. (Bold type and italics are mine)

He was there the morning of the kidnapping. His picture has been ID’d by a number of victims out of a photo line up and we have 3 positive ID’s of him in the exact area where Jacob Wetterling was kidnapped from Minn. just 24 hours
before the kidnapping and the name of the motel where he stayed. But the WDMPD still refuse talk to Bonacci nor this man.”

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