The 2nd Part of the Johnny Gosch Story to be Filmed Soon

According to Noreen Gosch- who was just on MSNBC last week talking about her son’s abduction, there is going to be a “part II” to all this, running under the title- “Who took Johnny”. This concerns me- esp. considering that Noreen Gosch left this message on the other day…

“This was the statement:

The Gosch story isn’t necessary for a Franklin Documentary. Just look at Conspiracy of Silence, it doesn’t mention the Gosch case at all.

This was my question:

Is there a Franklin documentary????

I asked the question because I didn’t know if there is another documentary about Franklin being produced other than Conspiracy of Silence… Simple it is a yes or no question. I am not upset and did not state that I was upset. I happen to agree that Johnny’s Story not necessary for a Franklin documentary.. Johnny’s story stands on its
own and includes the other two boys kidnapped from Des Moines. The only fact that has connected the two is Paul Bonacci’s confession that he helped kidnap Johnny and “HE WAS CONNECTED TO FRANKLIN”. As Paul’s story unfolded… it brought out that there was a pedophile network using many kids in the Midwest through those years.


So basically, like I have said before- the only thing connecting Johnny Gosch to the situations of Franklin Credit came from ONE PERSON- Paul Bonnacci, and so I can only assume that “Who Took Johnny” will be based on the lies this convicted pedophile relates. I am not the only person who has questioned Paul’s take on things- as I got this off the website as well…


Noreen why is that you and Paul, when discussing Johnny’s abduction – and the people involved in such crimes – with mainstream media do not go into discussing how the government is involved in both the crimes of pedophilia itself and the cover-up?

Why don’t you mention George H.W. Bush’s ties to all of this? Why don’t you mention that Barney Frank has molested these children (including Paul)?

Why don’t you make mention of those things in the mainstream documentaries that get aired?


As a matter of fact, I did state all of the above on many occasions, year after year, when being interviewed by the media and testifying before the Justice dept. and Senate Hearings. Paul Bonacci has done the same. You must not be very familiar with the “editing process” with the media…. they cut out anything they are told to remove. That is exactly why a great deal of truth never sees the light of day, especially this subject.

So before you start pointing your accusing finger at Paul Bonacci, other victims or me…. you need to get your facts straight. We have all brought that very information out in interviews and testimonies… it has been removed for obvious reasons…. it points to the TOP. At this point, the remaining victims of Franklin, who are all now adults need to band together and come forward as a group … stating what was done to all of them. Those victims need to “SPEAK TO THIS ISSUE”. Why don’t you contact the victims of Franklin to get this started. It might make a huge difference. It is not Paul Bonacci’s or my responsibility to speak for these victims… they are adults as I mentione earlier and need to speak for themselves. Then something might be done or at least capture the interest of the mainstream media.

You just need to calm down and THINK about contributing to eliminating this problem, rather than attacking Paul B and others.


Dismissing all of the victims of Franklin has been a habit of Noreen Gosch- on, a site that basically draws victims of this mess onto the website, learn what they know, and then go out of their way to trash the person and their info, esp. if it flies against what Paul Bonacci has said. I KNOW this from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. This is perhaps the MAIN reason that Noreen Gosch and Paul Bonacci haven’t done themselves what Noreen suggests another person to do, and that is trying to round up all the victims of this mess (which denotes that Paul B. is not the only victim).

So what should we all expect with the upcoming “Who Took Johnny?” episode, and will it star the same emotionless Noreen Gosch in “Missing Johnny?”? Will the truth begin to surface, or will it be kept down by the main players of all this like is has for decades now? If there is any doubt that there is another upcoming show about Johnny Gosch- you only need to listen to his mother’s words, also published on…

Johnny’s Mom…”Thanks IG… there are plans for a second film in the works”.

I am sure we will all sit on pins and needles until this officially hits the television.

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