“Missing Johnny” Premiered on MSNBC Last Night 12/23/2012 “Detailing” the case of Abducted Boy Johnny Gosch

Last night I watched “Missing Johnny” on MSNBC, a documentary on the official story of the abduction of Johnny Gosch, and I would like to take a minute to point out a few things and give my critical review of the show itself.

I believe what was presented was a reinforcement of the same bull that has always been presented about this situation, even trying to correlate the abduction with the events that surrounded Franklin Credit Union and the child prostitution that was occurring in Omaha which led all the way to the George Bush Sr. White House into the story. Interviewing all the same old people who were involved with it in the first place, the show offered no new information and, in fact, just reported the same old outlandish story, trying to give it a new credibility by MSNBC.

Having been personally attacked by Noreen Gosch, Paul Bonnaci, and even the elusive “Jimmy” (who MSNBC mentioned last night as another “victim” that was along for the ride with the abducted Johnny Gosch) over and over, I have said nonstop that I don’t believe the “official” story from them, and I would like to use last night’s documentary to show once again what I am talking about.

I have never seen the old footage of Noreen Gosch before, and I was struck by the fact that this woman- even in the face of losing her child was NEVER ONCE emotional from the footage that I saw. This became blatantly apparent to me when they compared her to the other two families that had children abducted in West Des Moines during the same time period. Not only that, but in every clip they showed of her in the past, she was always composed, never once breaking her strong demeanor- even when she was pleading for the return of her son. I find it strange that this woman lost her son, complained that police refused to help her, and she doesn’t once even so much as tear up in relating her tale. Not once in the documentary did Noreen show any real emotion back then- and it showed on the tapes.

They also didn’t deal with the fact that Noreen has been telling people that John Gosch sold their son into the sex trade. Leaving out so much key information that has been the true history of the situation, it candy coated the situation in such a way that the public was, I believe, left with the impression that all of these abducted children are safe now as adults, and hiding out wherever. This flies directly in the face of what I know became the fate for many of the victims involved, and the fact that when a case gets too hot for perpetrators, they generally kill and dispose of the child to cover their tracks.

Reinforcing the fact that most ALL of the info concerning Johnny Gosch and the sex trafficking ring came from Paul Bonnaci, it went to show my point that the only connection to the Johnny Gosch case and what happened here in Omaha SOLELY came from one person, who was, at the time, a convicted and jailed pedophile who claimed to suffer from DID. Showing on camera that he knew details of where the kids were held at some point in their ordeal, it is undeniable that this man was involved, but again, if he remembers and knows so much about the Johnny Gosch case, why does he stay silent on how exactly things were working in Omaha? Saying he is scared of the repercussions he could experience if he told the truth doesn’t so much work considering that he was, just as of last night, on national television talking about his involvement- which denotes a strong sense of comfort ability. Yet, he offered nothing new, and in fact did his best to reinforce all of the bull that he has said before, presenting himself as a victim of all of this- even now.

The show offered NO NEW INFORMATION, and in fact did its best to just repeat what has been said throughout the years, leaving out any real arguments that might have encouraged the viewer to seek more information out. Sensationalizing the fact that national newspapers had reported on the prostitution ring that lead up to the White House years ago, this part of the segment was to give validation to what Noreen, Paul, and John DeCamp have reported on the story, who are the main three involved with all of this, and nothing more. Never explaining HOW it worked, the documentary just focused on what these three were saying, and little more. All the rest of the interviews were just added to talk about the Johnny Gosch case, none of whom, by their own admission, knew what happened during or after the abduction of Johnny Gosch.

Lastly, and probably more important, the two pictures that they kept flashing were portraits of Sam Soda and Emilio Aquazinno, both of who I know were personally involved with what was going on in Omaha, and yet nothing was said about these two. Emilio had two brothers who were also involved, and their employer at the French Café- where they all three worked, was once heavily involved in all the child and drug trafficking that was happening here in town. Flashing these pictures like they still need to be identified was incredibly misleading in my opinion, and only leads the viewers to think that these two had yet to be identified. However, after they were identified, Paul Bonnaci changed his story- and suddenly Emilio was a “fake name”, like his brother’s- and Paul told me himself that these three weren’t related-which I know to be a lie, since the Aquazinno brothers were our neighbors at one point of my family’s history and I knew these three to be waiters at the French Café.

Propagandizing the dis info that has been such a part of the mess here in Omaha, I am just lead to believe that the media is, once again, doing its best to mislead the public from really understanding what truly happened here in Omaha, and that this is probably being done on purpose to distract people from logically assessing the events that played out- not only concerning the Johnny Gosch abduction but more important, how connected it is to some of the key players in Omaha and the situations surrounding the child, drug, and gun trafficking ring that made a few rich men here inordinately rich. Just more of the same, it is a recent example of the concerted effort to keep this whole thing in the shadows of conspiracy, which it did quite effectively.

Oh- and the “Col.” that they referred to- who was supposed to have bought Johnny Gosch- is none other than Col. Michael Aquino- the founder of the satanic sect Temple of Set, once heavily involved as head of the NSA (or that is what he brags about anyway), and psych ops expert on mind control and such. Not to mention my main handler as a child. Never expounding on who the Col. was, I just thought I would end by letting people know this fact.

Not really a Christmas topic, I just couldn’t let this all pass without throwing in my two cents. I will list the email link to the show as soon as it is available, just so people can watch and see what I am talking about for yourselves.

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