A Christmas Wish

The Christmas holiday has never been easy for me. Not counting all of the scary satanic crap of my childhood- which was always intense this time of year- growing up in a family that despised me always felt amplified during the holiday season, and though things are vastly different now than when I was imprisoned in my family’s clutches, I still have a sour taste in my mouth with regards to Xmas.

Perhaps this year is harder because I am embroiled in this fight for justice, and I am not really sure what to do any more at this stage of my life. Within the context of an ugly altercation with my sister’s daughter recently on my phone, it was suggested that I sound bitter and angry on my blog- sounding as if the world is out to get me. However, my perspective is a bit different- in that, yes it is true that I am fighting for the truth of what occurred with my father and battle seems to be constant right now, as my personal character is being challenged by people who have no idea who I am as a person, (and that includes my niece, her family, and my stepmother Joanne C. Shurter and her two children), there is much more to my life than all this, and I am incredibly blessed as an adult.

Why do I keep fighting so hard? Because I keep remembering my dad and how he said he had “skeletons in his closet”, and more importantly, HOW he said it. I have come to believe that he might have been speaking LITERALLY, since he completely overhauled and rebuilt his bedroom closet, making a pedestal bed in the process. That and the fact that he and Joanne also had a sound proof room built in their basement. My father tried to come clean- and was desperately trying to get someone to listen to him before he died, but my stepmother Joanne, along with my brother Stephen- (who showed up at a private function for Johnny Gosch the November before my father died), did their best to convince people that he was crazy from his medication from the cancer. No one listened to him when he needed absolution, and I, as his son, am guiltier than most. Therefore, in a way I feel compelled to have all of this looked at.

The current argument that I am facing right now is that I am so intelligent that I just read up on all of what happened in Omaha and then ingratiated myself into the story with lies and deceit, but never once do these people deal with the FACTS that I present in my book Rabbit Hole, and on this blog. Facts, contrary to popular belief, can simply be logically and reasonably looking at the situation and questioning the facts that have been presented thus far, and the federal paperwork showing the cocaine connection to the Contras and Omaha, the statistics for child disappearances and human trafficking, not to mention the altercation I had with ex-Chief of police Robert Wadman are facts- plain and simple, and the real estate involved can be easily checked. I find it frustrating because I keep fighting these people who say that I am lying, but they won’t tell anyone where or how. It is always just a general attack, and it gets tiresome to be honest.

I believe that a crime has been committed. Well, a myriad of crimes actually- and I just want the police to investigate and do their job- and that isn’t happening. In fact, the police are just as guilty trying to trash me, since it was AFTER I reported to the Nebraska State Patrol what I did after they called me back from a report I gave to the Center for Missing and Exploited Child Foundation months before that they helped my stepmother file two police reports on me that I was completely unaware of, which was one of the reasons why Joanne was able to get a restraining order on me. There has been a conspiracy of sorts to silence me- complete with a man showing up at one of my booksellers and threatening him enough to prevent him from selling the copies he bought from me.

Does it make me angry? Damn straight- but I have never been the bitter one, but rather believe that is always more than one way to skin a cat, and my training as a child made me tenacious like a pit bull that bites down and won’t let go. Winners do what failures refuse to do, and there is, in my opinion, too much at stake to let all of this go right now. Besides, it is the right thing to do.

How is the question, but not so much as what is my objective in all of this, which is simply to get it ALL investigated. My father and his skeletons in his closet, my oldest sister’s death and why, after it was reported to Adult Protective Services that my sister claimed that her husband and oldest daughter planned to kill her by her doctors and nurses, why was there no follow up when she ended up dead in the presence of only these two? I believe she was murdered to prevent her from telling me what she knew, as she had no loyalty to our stepmother and the entire family knew what I would be like if I ever put all the pieces together, (Which the last 6 years have been a perfect example of). I want to know my brothers connection to the Johnny Gosch case, and I want to know if the collection of satanic pedophile porn that was confiscated in the Larry King case of Ocean City, Maryland could be connected to my brother and the events that happened here in Omaha when we were all collected here decades ago. These are just a few of the questions I want answers to, and BY GOD- I am not going to stop until this happens.

Christmas is about new beginnings, and I am praying with all my might that this upcoming year may be the catalyst that brings all this out into the open, and into the light. Call it my Christmas wish- since I got snow I thought I might push my luck. Thanks for listening…

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